May 28, 2023

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Judy Sardier | United States: Woman found missing in river almost 40 years ago | Billerica | nndc | The world

Middlesex County District Attorney Marion Ryan said last Wednesday that the vehicle that drove the young woman, who went missing 40 years ago, was found in the waters of the Concord River in Florica, Massachusetts.)

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According to , The car was found at a depth of two to three meters, and the body of someone was found next to the vehicle.

The attorney in charge of the case did not want to confirm that Judy Sardier, Who went missing on June 5, 1982. He also did not talk about possible causes of death.

The young woman who went out to a party in Florica has gone missing and was last seen by her friends.

For his part, the Clemsford Police Chief, James Spinney, He said the case has never been completed and the area where the vehicle was found has always been of interest.

“We have known for a long time where the story ended in the early morning. Now that we have a decision on the car and where these human remains were found, the question now is whether to link it. “ The lawyer commented.

The vehicle was discovered thanks to sonar technology, which was not available when the woman went missing.

Last Tuesday, a group of divers entered the sea Concord River And invented the car. The next day, the same experts found human remains and personal belongings.

Sartre’s sister has already been notified of the discovery, but the parents are already dead.

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“It’s nice to have the idea of ​​what happened to both of their sisters now, but it’s captivating in terms of all the years they have been waiting for.” Sentenced.

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