May 28, 2023

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Juan Orlando Hernandez: Security forces cordon off former Honduran president’s residence following US deportation request for drug trafficking | The world

Security Forces Assault rifles were parked tonight around the former president’s residence By whom the handover may have been requested .

See: The United States has demanded that Honduras deport former President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who has been charged with drug trafficking.

Resident in the East is one of the residents of San Ignacio TegucigalpaPro-government deputy chief Rasel Tomé told reporters that security forces had prevented him and other neighbors from entering his home, which was considered something irregular.

Police action was taken following that Honduran Ministry of Foreign Affairs The social networking site Twitter said, “By law, the CSJ (Supreme Court) has received official information from the US embassy requesting the formal arrest of a Honduran politician for deportation purposes. United States. Of America ”, without identifying John Orlando Hernandez.

Unofficially, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation sent a note to the Supreme Court today stating, “In the case of sending verbal number 119 dated February 14, 2022, it refers to the formal request for temporary arrest. For the purpose of extraditing Juan Orlando Hernandez, also known as JOH, to the United States.”

Hermes Ramirez, Hernandez’s defense attorney, told Channel 5 television. Tegucigalpa Security forces cordoned off the former president’s residence and arrested him, calling it a “violation of his rights” and an “outrage”.

He added that the former president was at his residence but did not say whether he would be handed over to officials, although according to unofficial editions published by local newspapers, Hernandez He is not in his house and that too will be dark.

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Dozens of soldiers and police cordoned off the area, barring journalists from entering the former president’s home.

Security Hernandez He appeared in the Supreme Court last Thursday and sought information on legal action against him.

Later, Ramirez briefly told reporters that Hernandez had been instructed to “find out those allegations or the ongoing judicial process.”

He said it was “common sense” that some or all political parties had filed a lawsuit against the former president and that he was “quietly at home” and “waiting for the outcome of these actions”.

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