January 26, 2022


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Jovnell Moyes: A prisoner says the president’s assassination came to Haiti three months ago

One of the members of the order that assassinated the Haitian president, Joanel Moyes, A judge told the newspaper that it had been revealed that the Colombian killers had arrived in the country three months ago The Novelist.

“The mercenaries were in Haiti for about three months,” the prisoner said James Solages, Clement Clement Noel, who interrogated two of the prisoners, told the Justice newspaper.

James Solages Y Joseph Vincent Two Americans of Haitian descent were arrested as part of the order, which included 26 Colombians, Haitian officials said.

Both told the judges they had been hired as translators, that they had found work online, and that “the detention of President Jowen Moyes was within the framework of enforcing a judicial inquiry order” and “did not kill him”. .

Solages also said he was inside Haiti Vincent announced his arrival in the country six months ago.

The murder is under investigation

Haitian police announced this Thursday The command was made up of 28 persons, 26 of whom are Colombians.

At the moment, 15 Colombians and two Americans of Haitian descent have been arrested, three Colombians dead and eight others fleeing, according to information provided by Haitian officials this Thursday. (EFE)

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