February 4, 2023


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Jessica Newton and her Miss Universe balance: Alessia’s role, personal interview, “sabotage” and more | Lights

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In addition to the franchise’s change and updated rules, the characteristics sought in Miss Universe have also varied and evolved. Jessica Newton, director of the Miss Peru organization, promises to select her next queen based on these new requirements. From Miami, she tells us about her work considering the Miss Peru 2023 election and Alessia Rovegno’s performance in the international competition.

Those are intense working days. Alessia has done an amazing role and I am very happy with the results. She had an incredible hit with the masses, many national directors and international fans had her as the queen or finalist. Peru being in the top 16 next to Colombia is a big achievement for me, you have brought us back to the top.Newton mentions. Sans.

Jessica Newton, Director of the Miss Peru Organization. (Photo: Giancarlo Avila)

─What are you going to take into account to prepare Peruvian candidates for next year?

Let’s focus on the theme of the catwalk. As they have repeated many times in this new edition, they want the female contestant to shine. We will also give priority to personal interview because I think the competition will focus on that from now on. Looking for the current woman within Generation Z.

─ Is physical beauty also important?

Indeed it is taken into account, although we all have different ideas of beauty. We can’t deny that the five finalists in Miss Universe were beautiful, but I think knowing who each of them is and the life story is decisive. The first change is that the women are not competing to be queens, but rather to be the face of Peruvian or international competition and ambassadors of the brand around the world.

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─Married women with children can participate in the next edition of Miss Universe. Do you agree with this new rule?

Many girls who have always dreamed of representing their country at Miss Universe get pregnant or get married too young. In fact, marriage or motherhood should not be an obstacle to achieving a dream; However, I believe that the most important thing for a pregnant woman is the health of the baby, and I am categorical about this.

─Why didn’t Alecia wear the dress chosen for the pageant? Is it true that someone broke it?

It’s a little torn, but I don’t think the suit added or detracted from anything. In a year where the competition was very tough, Alessia qualified and shone around the world. Despite the brutal attacks and bullying he received, he was never abusive or depressed or a victim.

─During the match, his shoes were also lost, and the wings of his usual costume were broken, so there is talk of vandalism.

I don’t think there were any sabotages because these things happen all the time in beauty pageants, and Alessia handled them well.

Alessia Rovegno during the Miss Universe 2022 costume pageant.  (Photo: Instagram)

Alessia Rovegno during the Miss Universe 2022 costume pageant. (Photo: Instagram)

─Why weren’t you by his side during the match?

Unfortunately, because one of the candidates was infected with Covid, they banned all communication between the directors and the queens, so we were only able to coordinate by phone. Except on the day of the finals, I couldn’t even get into rehearsals. It didn’t matter if I was in China or another country because we only communicated through video calls. Thank God, Alessia is a totally organized girl and we were connected from the time she woke up to the time she went to sleep.

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─What would you like to say about the criticism of Alessia’s performance in the competition?

I am saddened to see that the Colombian, who, like Alessia, made it to the top 16, was showered with accolades and positive comments in her country. On the contrary, our countryman was cruelly bullied. How many people dare to do things and are willing to deal with this kind of bullying? I can promise you quite a few. Alessia never gave up and did not compete with her heart. I am so proud of her and her beautiful family who always support her.

─What did you think of Miss United States R’Bonnie Gabrielle being chosen as Miss Universe?

I loved. She was so focused on the competition, she was so natural, she was one of my favorites.