March 26, 2023

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What happened this Thursday Genin (Set ), with It shows once again that the conflict is far from resolved, especially with the composition of the recently installed government in Israel – full of far-right parties under an unsettled leadership. Benjamin Netanyahu– It does not help to put cold clothes in the situation.

The raid took place in the refugee camp during a daylight military operation. According to the Israeli military, this was done after they received intelligence that a rebel group linked to Palestinian Islamic Jihad was preparing attacks against Israelis.

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The attack was particularly violent in the area, which is often the scene of daily attacks by Israeli soldiers. The walls of several buildings were burnt in the clash. The Palestinian Ministry of Health also reported that at least 20 people were injured.

Palestinians killed in Jenin refugee camp. Photo: Palestinian Embassy in Peru

In announcements to the agency, Akram Rajop, Gov Genin, the military blocked medical teams from evacuating the wounded and tear gas leaked into a children’s hospital, infecting minors and disrupting operations. The Israeli army said its troops blocked roads to facilitate the operation, which could complicate the rescue operation.

“What is happening in Jenin and its refugee camp is a massacre by the Israeli occupation government”Nabil Abu Rudaina, a spokesman for the Mahmood AbbasThe head of the Palestinian National Authority ordered three days of mourning .

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A spiral of violence

Conflicts occur weeks after the promise The new Israeli government is the most conservative in its historyTake a strong stand against the Palestinians and increase settlement construction in the territories they claim for their future statehood.

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“This incursion is proof of Netanyahu’s return to power, and his new government will be very extremist because of its composition, because there are various parties with a very right-wing view and ready to justify violence against Palestinians. As happened in Jenin.” El Comercio Mohamed-Badin, a professor of international relations at the American University in the United Arab Emirates, explains to El Yatio.

Palestinian youths in Jenin threw stones at Israeli troops who raided a refugee camp in search of armed rebels.  EFE/EPA/ALAA Padarne

Palestinian youths in Jenin threw stones at Israeli troops who raided a refugee camp in search of armed rebels. EFE/EPA/ALAA Padarne

/ Ala Padarne

Indeed, the new national security minister, Itamar Ben-Ghir, one of the government’s most nationalist figures, has called for loosening open-fire regulations for soldiers and police facing Palestinians. . Note that the authority has sought immunity from investigation or criminal prosecution of any member of the security forces operating in war situations.

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While passing away on Thursday, Taking the tally to 29 PalestiniansCivilians or members of armed groups have been killed since the beginning of the year in violent clashes with armed forces Israelis, AFP reported. In fact, at least five were teenagers.

Tensions between Israelis and Palestinians have been on the rise since Israel launched a series of military incursions last April following multiple attacks by Palestinians that left 19 Israelis dead.

Nearly 150 Palestinians died in 2022According to the committee Israeli Rights activists B’Tselem called last year the deadliest since 2004. UN And according to Palestinian human rights groups, most of those killed were civilians, but according to Israeli forces they were members of armed groups.

“There is a risk of deeper violence in the coming months if there is no political solution. The problem is that you have to be realistic and it’s very difficult to find a political solution, especially since the Netanyahu government is not going to allow any kind of negotiation.”El Yattioi adds that he does not ignore the divisions between Palestinians, which continue to complicate any resolution.

The lions and the Palestinians were tired

In this regard, the emergence of a new armed group last September, Lion’s Den (Lion’s Den, English) It has raised the fatigue of the youth and given a new framework to the conflict Palestine In front of his own government and lack of definition of his future.

Lion's Den on Telegram

Lion’s Den on Telegram

Based in Nablus, the group—most active on TikTok and Telegram—says it is disconnected from traditional militia and political factions, and has no clear command or hierarchy. Since their emergence they have carried out numerous attacks and open clashes with Israeli forces, and their support is steadily growing in the occupied territories.

The success of Lions Den is a way to show all that Mahmoud Abbas has not been able to do in recent years, not only because of corruption, but also because of the years lost and blocked by the traditional elite of Al Fatah. Gaza Strip with Hamas”El Yattioi explains from Dubai.

“As for the youth in the West Bank and Gaza, the ideologies do not allow the Palestinians to get anything from the nationalists of Al Fatah or the Islamists of Hamas.”Collaboration.

Thus, attack Genin Serves only armed groups such as Lion’s denProve their positions before the population Palestine Tired of Israeli occupation, the ineffectiveness of their own governments and international oblivion.