February 7, 2023


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Japan Arms With US Help To Stop China’s Advances | Taiwan | the world

to him Sinologist Marco CarrascoThis conclusion is, in fact, a response to the manifest revelation China To them, to protect what is theirs. Specifically, that for military exercises Beijing evolves and shows that its purpose is to consolidate its policy Only China and the resulting attachment Taiwan.

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from America The answer is thought out from a situation called IndopacificNo Pacific Asia. By providing so, you can also include your other partner, India. It is within this framework that they wish to establish their hegemony in the region.”, explains the expert.

Is America’s position overstated? No. Carrasco proposes an example: Recently, Papua New Guinea Business relationships Taiwan, a decision hailed by China. It seems like a small fact, but “It reveals how Beijing has gained favor and trade harmony with other countries”. “It may be a small message, but it is reflected back to alert everyone. America and compels him to take action”.

As well as Papua New Guinea, in December 2021, Nicaragua Relations with Taiwan saw their assets confiscated and handed over to China.

A country without an army?

Modernization of alliance between America Y Japan It also applies to his existence in space. According to Carrasco, it responds Intelligence capability of satellites and their potential Military applications. “Currently, China and the United States have some ballistic missile detection capabilities, but they are not a threat. The question is what they can do in the future”.

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But the most significant change was the changes in Japanese defense doctrine.. “From the end World War II, Japan cannot rely on the military as traditionally understood. However, it has active defense forces since the mid-1950s.

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Additionally, in mid-December last year, the Japanese government approved the changes.For the first time this includes acquiring the ability to strike enemy bases in the event of a threat to national security”. As he writes ,”The main innovation is called in the documents ‘Counter Attack Capability’It stipulates that Japan must have the military means to reach targets in enemy territory within the minimum necessary measures of self-defense.”.

In that order, Japan Up to 2% of its GDP in defense budgetand will buy “Weapons such as long-range and hypersonic cruise missiles, among other new assets”.

All of this happens, points out Carrasco America Maintains several military bases in southern Japan Okinawa areaVery close Taiwan. Company confirms that”More than half of Washington’s 50,000 troopsThey are waiting in that area.

This change in its policy is related to its desire to guarantee US supremacy. The limitation of having its own army was established in the post-war environment. Today, the scene is different”, concludes the expert.