December 7, 2022

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James Corden says interest in NYC restaurant drama 'Underneath': 'I Did Nothing Wrong'

James Corden says interest in NYC restaurant drama ‘Underneath’: ‘I Did Nothing Wrong’

James Corden feels very “zen” about him Balthazar Restaurant Row.

The Late Late Show host, 44, has finally broken his silence after New York City restaurateur Keith McNally dubbed him “a very young man” and “a bad customer.”

after, after The British are accused of rude behaviourMcNally prevented him from entering a Manhattan restaurant. But a few hours later, Corden called him “to offer a profuse apology” and the ban was lifted.

“I’ve done nothing wrong, on any level,” Corden said. New York times. “Why would I ever cancel this? [interview]? I was there. I get it.”

“I feel zen about everything. Because I think it’s so silly. I just think it’s under all of us. It’s under you. It’s definitely under your post.”

Corden, a father of three, joked that he might bring up the controversy on his talk show, stating that he hasn’t “really read” anything McNally wrote on social media.

“I think I’ll probably have to talk about that on Monday’s show,” Corden told the newspaper. “My feeling, a lot of the time, is never explained, never complained. But maybe I should talk about it.”

Keith McNally smiling.
McNally described Corden as “a little guy’s cretin” in a lengthy Instagram post.
Instagram / @keithmcnallynyc

McNally Snap post on Instagram On Monday, he saw him describe the artist as “the worst customer” in the restaurant’s 25-year history.

McNally accused Corden, who has admitted to having anger issues in the past, of mistreating his servers by demanding free items and yelling at them.

“I don’t have 86 clients often, so today 86 I have Corden. He wrote in part.

in follow Instagram share On Tuesday, McNally said he couldn’t help but “really feel sorry” for Corden.

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McNally coined “feeling weird about a James Corden thing.” “On one hand, he was definitely abusive to my staff, and on the other hand, I really feel sorry for him now.”

“Like most cowards, I want it both ways. Well, I’ll be drunk,” he added.