December 9, 2022

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Ivan Petunin: the young rapper who refused to go to war committed suicide in Russia Shock: “I’m not ready to kill” | Ukraine | Vladimir Putin | Volodymyr Zelensky Description | EC Stories | the world

In the past few hours, a poignant story has come to the fore In the context of the war with Ukraine: Rapper Ivan Bedunin decided not to go to war and took his own life in Krasnodar against the war.

27 years old Filmed before making this terrible decision And the video went viral all over the world.

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Petunin, also known as Born on May 24, 1995 and dedicated his life to his development Art career as a rapper. Like many in the field, he was known for his ability to improvise during the so-called “Gallau Wars” and years later. He released his album in 2018 titled mental illness.

In the early hours of this September 30, Ivan Bedunin, who came to serve in his country’s army a few years ago, posted a video on Telegram announcing the worst. “If you are watching this video I am no longer alive. I cannot bear the sin of murder

“It seems to me that in the next few days, partial mobilization will turn into full mobilization,” he said, in the context of Putin’s alleged partial mobilization turning into mass recruitment. Moscow plans to call up 1 million troops to bolster its forces in Ukraine.

“I have two arms, two legs, Index finger to pull the trigger of the machine gun And some will not succeed,” he added.

Young rapper Ivan Bedunin, who took his own life refusing to go to war: “I’m not ready to kill” / Instagram: @mrwalkie

“I have no right to pull the trigger. I am not ready to take up arms and kill my own. Forgive me all who love me, but sometimes your principles have to die. At last anyway,” he said.

“My final decision is how I’m going to die. I choose to go down in history forever, as someone who doesn’t support what’s going on, and I’ll put up a final fight”. According to local media, Waki ​​was found dead near a high-rise building Krasnodar.

It was five days ago Along with other rappers from the Russian scene. However, in the video he invites you to listen to his new album, released this Friday. “Listen to some of these songs to understand what I’m like”The 27-year-old said.

“Guys, we have our video. We worked really hard and missed the deadline a bit, but the result was worth it. I love your retweets.” .

After knowing the tragic end, In it he wrote: “Everything happened unexpectedly. I believe that He has always been a bright and kind boy who loves to play jokesEven when I was completely sad.”

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