June 30, 2022


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Italy | Missing Italian girl’s body found after mother’s confession | NMR | The world

A five-year-old Italian girl who condemned Tuesday’s abduction in a town in the province of Catania in the Sicilian (southern) province has been found dead as her same mother went to her location with security forces. Body and there he confessed to his murder.

Catanian lawyer Carmelo Zukaro confirmed the news of Elena del Bosco’s discovery, explaining to the media that her body had been found “by her mother’s instructions” in the middle of an abandoned field 200 meters from her home.

“During the lengthy trial we encountered many contradictions,” he said. Prosecutor Zuccaro added that the mother then took investigators to the location where the girl’s body was found, and after retrieving her confession, she confessed to killing her daughter.

Elena, a 20-year-old mother of 20 living in Muscalosia, has condemned the abduction of three armed men on the Piano de Tremetery Ednio in her car. The men opened the door of the vehicle and took the daughter away.

The photo of the girl was circulated by law enforcement officials and published in all media in an attempt to facilitate her whereabouts.

Investigators from the outset ruled out whether it was organized crime or kidnapping for ransom money, leading investigations into the family environment.

Source: EFE

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