September 29, 2022

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iPhone 14 and 14 Pro launched live Q + A - all the insight from the ground

iPhone 14 and 14 Pro launched live Q + A – all the insight from the ground


(Image credit: Apple)

I wonder how many people go to the Nike+ and Hermes bands… in fact, enough of that chat. We are on Watch SE.

It comes in silver, midnight and stars aluminum – with the caseback made of a “nylon” compound that matches the case color.

This is a quick overview.

Screenshot from the Apple Far Out event

(Image credit: Apple)

New Nike+ releases again, with Just Do It woven into the band, and there are new (and very expensive) Hermes bands coming, too.

That’s not a huge upgrade to this one — but it starts at $399 for the GPS only, and $499 for the cellular model. You can order it today and then get it starting September 16th.

Screenshot from the Apple Far Out event

(Image credit: Apple)

This launch is whipping right now…I feel like there’s a lot more to come.

Oh, the battery life is still 18 hours. But this time we finally Get Low Power Mode, which will boost things up for up to 36 hours, while allowing for fitness tracking, fall detection, but always onscreen and automatic workouts.

This will also come to older models (we both lost track of how long this will last).

There are four colors, midnight, starlight, silver and red. Plus silver, gold and graphite for stainless steel models as well.

Apple Watch

(Image credit: Apple)

Well, you will get the fault detection feature, which can alert nearby contacts and emergency services.

There are two new sensors in the Watch 8, along with a G-Force accelerometer, with more than 200G of impact to be detected. And it can detect them four times faster, so notifications can come in faster.

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Apple studies many different types of crash tests, from live testing to rolling, and has used machine learning to add the sensor to GPS, listen to the microphone and exercise when it crashes — and only processes the data on the watch when driving and only in the event of a crash. .

Once again, we’re talking more about privacy here – which means Apple can’t decrypt the data and can’t read it. Only with express permission can it be shared… all of this is clearly designed to make sure that anxious women in the US because Roe vs Wade are able to keep track of things securely.

Now, we’re in car accidents…

Screenshot from the Apple Far Out event

(Image credit: Apple)

There are two sensors, one in the back and one in the front, with the wrist being able to detect ovulation in retrospect – it will check every 5 seconds while you sleep, and it will show changes in objects up to 0.1 degrees of temperature.

It’s good to see this done on the wrist – new and automatic ovulation estimates and notifications of potential cycle deviations, such as prolonged periods or spotting that may be a separate health symptom.


(Image credit: Future)

Well, we’ll hear about “what’s next” now.

It’s the Apple Watch Series 8 to start – what would be different though?

We’ve heard about the added durability on the front, which makes it swim and dust resistant…but I don’t know if that’s actually anything the new.

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These are some beautiful stories. A plane crash, a bear attack, stuck in a garbage compactor, a watch that spotted a heart problem… inventing something that managed to save one life should be a good thing, right?

Well, we started with the Apple Watch. Will this be the shortest launch ever? Or will it just be there a lot of things at.

Ah, the old video that talks about how the Apple Watch saved a life or two.


(Image credit: Future)

It looks this way – Tim is now in the video, telling us we’ll be seeing the new iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watch, and how headphones connect the two.

This shows that three devices have become more than a simple situation where you need to do things like select a destination on their watch and pick it up on the go.

I’ve never seen Apple so clear about what the launch will be – and “that’s something only Apple can do.”

The lights just dimmed, and we were told to get ready for the start of the event. We are both near a restroom, but there is no chance of doing that. game time. Come here Tim!


(Image credit: Future)

Well, he actually gave me some good info – Lance was checking out the audience and “hasn’t seen anyone interesting yet”. I’m not sure who he’s looking for to be honest, but he’s looking seriously.

I just ran into Phil Schiller, so that’s cute.

iPhone cord outside the Steve Jobs stage

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Well, we’re ten minutes into the launch, I’ve been outside in the sweltering heat for a long time and starting to feel cool…but this is one of the most important moments of the year – being at Steve’s Job Theater to watch the launch of the new iPhones.

And that’s even more special because it’s been three years since the last one of those – I’m going to enjoy it, man.

Or cry quickly having to write. Lance is next to me to take pictures and have a good time… I hope he starts doing something useful in a moment.