November 28, 2022

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In the background is Room 2022: Pepe rejects Rafaela and they have an unforgettable farewell.

Raffaella (Barbara Key) made a tough decision, she had no recourse, however, she thought her future husband would be in the same position. Pepe (David Almandos)

However, Tito’s dear friend decides to stay with his family in the neighborhood of Las Nuevas Lomas, because he feels that there will be no more happiness from them.

“I cannot leave my family. How can I live in peace knowing that I have abandoned them? My happiness is here.

That is why Raffaella imposed his intention to live in another country to stay calm, but without any success.

“Pepe we have a whole life ahead of us, get on that plane and get out of this micro. You deserve your happiness, I can’t live in fear, I’m used to living in a country where it works, I can get ahead without getting shot.

New Season: Event and more

After five years, There is space in the background Back to screens America Television Into a new season. The series stars Gonzalez, Maltini and Montalban, two families from different social classes who will provide their viewers with amusing anecdotes and unique stories.

In addition, new characters such as Giovanni Ciccia, Karime Scander, Jorge Guerra, Guadalupe Farfán, Franco Pennano seem to stir up the neighborhood “Las Nuevas Lomas”, where all kinds of situations happen. Don’t miss the ninth season of the TV series from Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM. You will be surprised!

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