October 1, 2022


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Ikea opens store in Santiago de Chile and unleashes madness before coming to Lima, Peru | Falabella | Provide

The Swedish giant opens its first store Ikea This Wednesday unleashed a frenzy Thousands of curious people thronged the gates of the well-known shopping center in an upscale neighborhood in the north of the capital from early morning.

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As soon as the ribbon was cut, customers and visitors, separated into two lines—registered, priority, and rest—progressed down a corridor lined with dozens of people dressed in yellow and blue, the corporate colors. Company, colored balloons and the flags of Chile and Sweden.

A band, an entertainer who announced the concessions and gave directions and handed out yellow bags with prizes to those who made it past the line that went around the massive building.

I knew Ikea from when I traveled to Germany and I was inspired, they said they were going to open here and here I am.” explained Ainoa, a young pregnant woman who, a fan of the brand, took advantage of the priority entrance to buy items for her baby and her home.

Eduardo, for his part, said he knew “Ikea’s version in other countries“And wanted to know”How is Chile?”, so he did not mind the almost three hours he had to wait to access the store, which he defined as “a good experience”.

The truth is they brought everything, I looked at it quickly, but I think they brought a whole line of products from other countries. It surprised me a lot“, said.

First store in South America

The store has an exhibition area of ​​more than 15,300 square meters and, like in other countries, includes a children’s area, a typical Swedish food restaurant and a market with Nordic foods.

This is the first expansion project in Santiago de Chile, which will include the opening of a second center in the municipality of Cerrillos in 2023, with 25,000 square meters and more than 260 points for electronic purchases.

According to the promoters of the Ikea project in Chile, it “A very important milestone for the company” and with a mix of recognizable Swedish style and relevant aspects of local cultures, is the first step for regional expansion that will open similar stores in Colombia and Peru in the future.

To that end, the Chilean movement includes the work of nine Latino artists and designers, including four Chileans: designers Trini Guzmán and Abel Garcamo, architect Felipe Azadi, and ceramist Catalina Zahri.

This is how they will make your Peru visit

Falabella announced that it expects the deal with Ikea to open at least nine stores in Chile, Colombia and Peru over 10 years. The mega project begins with the first Ikea stores in Chile. Then, it will be the turn of Colombia and finally it will make its long-awaited arrival in Peru.

The company’s idea was to build Ikea using the team’s know-how of its Sodomak chain, or the method of running the business. The Swedish furniture brand’s planned arrival in South America has been delayed mainly by the pandemic.

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