May 28, 2023

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Hurricane Kentucky | United States: Governor of Kentucky considers retrieving more people from factory a miracle | Andy Bessier | Mayfield | The world

Governor , , It was considered a “miracle” to find more survivors at a factory that collapsed in Mayfield in the city of Mayfield, which devastated six states in the United States this Saturday, and 40 people have already been rescued.

“It would be a miracle if someone else was found alive.“The governor agreed at a press conference.

Beshar explained that there is “Cars will be at least 15 feet (about 4.5 meters) above the metal”, As well as barrels of corrosive chemicals.

“Destruction is unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. It is difficult for me to put it into words.” Fearing that the death toll would be over a hundred, he told the governor about the state of his state.

Troy Propers, CEO of Mayfield Consumer Products Factory, told CNN that 110 people were on duty Friday night, but he said he was trying to count them all.

A Graves County prison official was staying at the scene of his death, Correctional Facility Manager George Workman told CNN.

It noted that six detainees were at the scene as part of a program and that three of them sustained injuries.

Workman said the prison was destroyed by the hurricane and that about 83 prisoners had to be evacuated.

Aerial views of Mayfield revealed the impact of the storm, with buildings crumbling to the ground, leaving others homeless and littering.

The local police issued a curfew order this Saturday (Sunday 00:00 GMT) from 19:00 local time.

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