October 18, 2021


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How to study or work in the UK if you are Peruvian? | Requirements | British Embassy | Student Visa Peru Nanda-NNLT | Economy

Like many adults, if you have set a goal to study or work outside the country (UK) One of your options separates us from the northwestern island nation of more than 9,000 kilometers , They are no longer a barrier.

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According to personal information In our country, the monopoly of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland offers the opportunity to pursue first-class education while four of the world’s top six universities are in the United Kingdom. QS to the ranking world.

How to study in UK?

Scholarships, grants, financial awards or loans are financial aid options for international students, including adults who wish to pursue a course in the United Kingdom.

According to the British Consulate, you can visit the website for more information on scholarships and financial assistance. .

At this website you will find dozens of courses and scholarships such as bachelor’s, master’s, MBA and doctoral degrees. But you can also find information for younger students, including English courses for children and adolescents. In addition, you can learn about courses, qualifications and various education systems in the UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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What should I study in the UK?

Like most international students, Peruvians need a student visa to study in the UK. This visa – as stated in the British Consulate – “will allow you to live and study for the duration of your studies.”

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Major universities such as Oxford are located in the United Kingdom as a country with a higher education standard (Photo: Pixabay)

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Types of Student Visa

Currently, there are two types of student visas available, depending on the applicant’s interest. These are:

1. Student Visa

Formerly known as the Level 4 visa, students 16 years of age or older can apply and plan to go to university, but they must study and speak English. To submit a request for You must follow the student path recommended in .

But before applying for this visa, You need to get an offer from a university or college, Must provide you with the Documentary Acceptance (CAS) document. The educational institution of your choice must be recognized by the UK Government as an approved sponsor.

The length of time you stay in the country depends on the duration of your studies And you have already finished in the UK. If your study level is up, you can usually stay for up to five years, otherwise you can only stay for up to two years.

Even with those restrictions You will have the option to extend your visa to stay in the UK longer, Applying for a new student visa or graduate visa.

Once you have been issued a visa, you can arrive before the start date of your course. When? One week ago, if your course lasted six months or less, or up to a month ago, if your course lasted more than six months.

The fee to apply for a student visa from outside the UK is currently 348, which is over S / 1,900.

2. Gnanagra-Short Study Visa

This visa For short-term courses And is available to students who wish to take courses of up to six months or English courses of up to 11 months.

In this case, the application fee for a Jnagkra-short study visa Outside the UK it is currently 186, above S / 1,050.

Unlike what happens on a student visa, With Gnanagra-Short you can not study any other course or change coursesYou will not be able to study, work or run any business in a government-funded school (including paid or unpaid work, work experience or placement).

In addition, you will be disqualified for extending the validity of your visa, bringing your family members and claiming certain economic benefits (public finance) or state pension.

Can I work and study?

Many international students in the UK can do part-time work or internships or internships in addition to their studies. How many hours and hours you work depends on the visa type and the sponsoring university or college.

Essential documents

In addition to the CAS and your current passport, you will need to submit some additional documents, especially if you are under 18 years of age. If so, you will need the written consent of both parents or legal guardians (or if only one parent is responsible).

You must provide a copy of your birth certificate (or other government-issued document) showing your parents’ names.