March 26, 2023

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Hotel Arbez: Where is the only hotel in the world where you can sleep in two countries at once? | Border of France and Switzerland | Tourism | Answers

If you ever want to stay in two countries at the same time, we tell you that it is possible. Find out what it is The same hotel It allows you to eat and sleep in two different countries and it will be perfect.

While traveling, one of the most important points Place of stay. Either because it acts like it A resting place Or as well A tourist attraction depending on the hotelThousands of tourists want to stay here A company that gives them the best experience. This is an enthusiast’s case Hotel It allows you to sleep in two countries at the same time. about what Accommodation about that?

In 1862, the commercial visionary Monsieur Pontus decided to build A place of entertainment A European province precisely served as the border between the two countries and this led to the construction of an iconic hotel.

Which hotel lets you sleep in two countries at once?

A hotel that fulfills these criteria is Hotel ArbezShelter born from a home in La Cure, thanks to entrepreneurs Monsieur Pontus.

After the Napoleonic France controversy Dobbs Valley As it was a military route with Switzerland, an agreement was signed between the two countries, which led to its birth. The Franco-Swiss village of La Cure. Pontus built a house in the city that served as headquarters for signing boundary treaties. After that, a bar was built in France and a shop serving food in Switzerland.

Unexpectedly, Monsieur Pontus He died in 1895, and almost 20 years later, the establishment passed into hands Jules Joseph Arbez, who decided to change the business line. Born this way Arbez Hotel, Also known as Hotel Le Franco-SuisseIt continues to this day.

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