June 26, 2022


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Hong Kong | Chinese | A five-year-old boy breaks into a giant telescope and has to pay his father | Description | EC stories | The world

Some photos before and after reproducing the giant porcelain teletube in a toy store , After a child inadvertently broke it, went viral this weekend. The boy’s father had to pay more than $ 4,000 for the damage.

As can be seen in the video footage of the campus, the boy, who came out for a walk with his family, Cheng, leaned over the 1.70m gold sculpture. That’s when it fell and crashed. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a toy store in the Longham Place Shopping Mall in Hong Kong’s Hong Kong province. .

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Just then, the boy’s father, who was talking on the phone outside the house, heard a noise and entered. “My son was staring at the toy without moving. He was so scared after this incident that he had to skip school. He asked me why the sculpture is scary. “ The person told several local media outlets.

A 5-year-old boy has broken a giant telepathy at a toy store, for which his parents had to pay. (Video recording).

KK Plus, a shop employee, was the first to warn that his son had deliberately kicked and broken the sculpture. Paid a price of $ 4,255. Later, when he approached the security videos of the premises, he saw it In fact the boy unknowingly threw the toy. Also, the sculpture is said to be protected from being stamped as fragile.

The shop owners said the compensation for the statue was “mutually agreed upon”. The incident caused a great deal of controversy on social media. Some accused the staff of not protecting the sculpture and of wanting to deceive the father by claiming that his son had kicked it.

Others pointed out that parents should have cared more about the boy Because even with that carelessness he can injure himself and cut himself with broken ceramics.

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