January 26, 2022


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Hawaii: Meng Wanzhou has returned to China after three years

After nearly three years of house arrest, Tensions between the United States and China Slightly glowing at the output Meng Wancho, The Daughter of Huawei’s CFO and company founder, After US authorities dropped the charges against him.

“Princess of Hawaii”, daughter Ren Zhengfi, Was arrested in Canada while moving across the country in December 2018 and later stayed in Vancouver on bail, fighting against extradition.

“I am very happy to be Sabrina Meng – Wanshaw name in the west – And the U.S. Department of Justice has reached the Postponement Case Agreement (DPA), which has been approved by Judge Donnelly. “ The Chinese executive’s legal committee said.

Charges against Meng Wancho

In December 2018, at the request of the United States, the CFO of Hawaii was arrested in Canada on suspicion of participating in transactions that violated U.S. trade agreements. Wanzhou integrated as part of Skycom, Hawaii “shell company” allegedly delivered U.S. Electronic Components for Iranian Telecommunications Company.

“Under the terms of this agreement, she will no longer be processed in the United States and the extradition process in Canada will be halted. She has not pleaded guilty and we expect the indictment to be waived after fourteen months. Now she can go home with her family.” Included in the report.

This makes no sense in blocking Huawei

Hawaii welcomes this news: “We hope that Mrs. Meng will return home safely to reunite with her family.”

However, Hawaii will continue to defend itself against the charges in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. This court ruling is not related to the “blacklist of companies” issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce, which includes Hawaii from 2019 onwards.

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“Two Michaels” from China

At about the same time, The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau Announced Release Of the two fellow citizens detained in China since late 2018, just days after Meng’s arrest, Canada has always been seen as an act of revenge. “Two Michaels”, known in their country, were accused of spying in a “clearly fabricated” case, according to Canadian officials. This Saturday they landed in Calgary in the west of the country, and Trudeau welcomed them.

“It’s wonderful. It’s great to be back in Canada. I’m so grateful to everyone who worked so hard to take us home.” Michael Gowrick said. On Friday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkan praised the decision to release both Canadians “arbitrarily” after Chinese authorities arrested them.

China has always regarded the Meng affair as a “purely political event.” On Saturday, Chinese government spokeswoman Hua Xunying said the allegations against Meng were “completely baseless.” Meng returned to China as a result of an agreement between the Ministry of Justice and the Chinese telecommunications giant that was made public on Friday by a New York court.

Meng reached an adjourned trial to avoid fraud charges. The United States has proposed to “postpone” action against the Hawaiian executive until the end of 2022. If the agreement is not challenged before December 1, 2022 or if it is broken, all charges against her will be dropped. The United States agreed to release Meng and abandon the extradition process and to advise Canada.

RPP | With information from AFP