August 13, 2022

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Haiti earthquake: Search for survivors of earthquake that killed hundreds | The world

Rescue teams are rushing to find survivors of the powerful quake More than 700 people were killed and buildings destroyed in the country, which is still poor and devastated by the devastating earthquake of 2010.

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake shook homes and forced people to flee to safety, with its epicenter about 160 km from the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince.

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The The quake killed at least 724 people, According to an account released last night by Director of Civil Defense Jerry Chandler.

“Many houses have been destroyed, many are dead and many are in hospital,” he said. Cristella St. Hilayer, who lives near the center, is an AFP.

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Hospitals in the worst-affected areas are already having difficulty providing emergency care, and Chandler says at least three health centers in the cities of Pestal, Corrells and Rosax are overcrowded with patients.

7.2 magnitude earthquake in Los Chaos, Haiti. (EFE / Ralph Teddy Erol).

“The houses and the walls around them have collapsed. The roof of the cathedral has collapsed.”, A resident of the town of Jeremy on the west end, promised work Joseph Haiti.

Haiti A state of emergency has been declared And US President Joe Biden approved “immediate” aid to the Caribbean.

The United States and European countries expressed their grief and readiness to help Haiti.

“I am saddened by the devastating earthquake” In HaitiPresident Biden underlined the implementation of “immediate response” assistance.

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The 253 Cuban doctors deployed in Haiti went to the quake-hit area and treated the wounded and embraced a hospital in Port-au-Prince, which is now being used for Covit-19 patients, the battalion chief told Cuban television.

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, said he had ordered immediate assistance to Haiti.

Spain also extended its hand. “I hope you support Spain to move forward after this horrific event,” government leader Pedro Sanchez told Haitians.

7.2 magnitude earthquake in Los Chaos, Haiti.  (EFE / Ralph Teddy Erol).
7.2 magnitude earthquake in Los Chaos, Haiti. (EFE / Ralph Teddy Erol).

Unity, not panic

A month after the disaster, the government declared a state of emergency and Prime Minister Ariel Henry called on the nation to “show solidarity” and not panic.

According to Radio Rebel, the Caribbean’s longest initial shock was felt, including in Santiago de Cuba (about 300 km from Saint-Louis-du-Suite).

The USGS initially issued a tsunami alert, expecting waves of up to three meters off the coast of Haiti, but soon eased it.

The damage in the city of Les Keys appears to have been significant, including the collapse of a multi-storey hotel.

Residents shared photos on social media of the ruins of concrete buildings that apparently held a church Saturday in the southwestern city of Les Anglois.

7.2 magnitude earthquake in Los Chaos, Haiti.  (EFE / Ralph Teddy Erol).
7.2 magnitude earthquake in Los Chaos, Haiti. (EFE / Ralph Teddy Erol).

One tragedy after another

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake shakes Port-au-Prince and most of nearby cities in January 2010. It killed more than 200,000 people and injured 300,000 more.

More than 1.5 million Haitians were homeless, and the biggest challenge for island officials and the international humanitarian community was the lack of land registration and building codes.

The quake destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, administration buildings and schools, as well as 60% of the Haitian health system.

The reconstruction of the country’s main hospital is incomplete, and NGOs are making efforts to make up for the state’s many shortcomings.

One month after the earthquake, President Jowen Moyes was assassinated by an armed commando, shocking a country struggling with poverty, the violence of criminal gangs and the Govt-19 epidemic.

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JOVENAL MOIS: The president of Haiti was assassinated at his home by an armed commando.
According to the official version of the government, the president of Haiti was assassinated on Wednesday by order of a foreigner. (Video: AFP)

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