October 6, 2022


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Great port for a great game

Great port for a great game

Sony’s announcement of its plan to release first-party games on PC came as a shock to the system. Not because the idea of ​​seeing a file God of War On Steam it was weird – this phenomenon has already happened – but due to the company’s desire to really push its publishing efforts on the platform, it went from a few high-profile games here and there to A third or more of your PlayStation wallet will come in 2025. Basically, PC fans will be getting a lot of great Sony titles in the near future. This of course includes the next Spider-Man Remasteredwhich proves to be a powerful port of one of Insomniac’s best games.

It was first released on PlayStation 4 in 2018, Spider-Man from Marvel It was amazing. Following the exploits of veteran Peter Parker, fans get to experience a psychedelic (if somewhat bloated) plot in which Peter’s personal life is well complicated and risks his responsibilities as a superhero. An early confrontation with Kingpin leads to a confrontation with a group called The Demons. Bangs and follow it. It didn’t take long for Peter and several other characters to get caught up in a major conspiracy that culminated in The Birth of the Six Villains. happy times.

Close-up of Doc Ock, with street details reflected in his glasses.

screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

Spider-Man Remastered It is the ultimate version of this exciting adventure game. Released in 2020 on PS5, it offered the same plot, the same great fighting mechanics, some great accessibility features and the best web swing out there in games. It also has a new pre-released DLC as well as a neat new paint finish; Fans were able to get around New York either in 4K Fidelity mode, which runs at 30fps but offers improved lighting effects and ray tracing, or in Performance mode, which offers dynamic resolution at 60fps. Recently, an improved performance mode was added that allowed ray tracing by adjusting game resolution, reflection quality, and more.

What all of this translated into was an improved version of a very good game. The same can be said for the PC port, released on August 12th, as it offers even more visual improvements. We’re talking about NVIDIA DLSS performance boosts, support for different screen settings, unlocked frame rates and more. Players will need a suitable platform to operate Spider Man At higher settings, there are some issues that need to be addressed to make this version worth the full recommendation. All that said, Peter Parker has never been better.

For those of you who haven’t played the original game, let’s go over what you can expect from it no matter which version you’re playing. Spider ManThe narration is enhanced by impressive voice acting and a bit of world building. The streets of New York feel alive as pedestrians go about their business, only to be interrupted by a car chase or someone robbing a convenience store. Intervene and some onlookers may cheer or ask to take a selfie. Others may be upset that you came across them while trying to catch a criminal. Regardless, you will remember all of your actions. If John Jonah Jameson doesn’t remind people of how you let the rhino escape, the inevitable damage to the city will reverse your last battles.

Spider-Man sticks to a wall on a screen that displays accessibility settings, including "change taps buttons for hanging," "swing mode / parkour," And the "Improved automatic aiming."

screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

Of course, the usual open-world “requirements” are there. A visit to the Watchtower will populate the map with any number of extracurricular activities to be done in a given area. However, most of what’s available amuses thanks to how cool it is to be Spider-Man. This is especially true when it comes to the more action-oriented clips. Spidey is adept at combat, as he easily moves from opponent to opponent, manipulating them in the air before strapping them to a lamp post. Some enemies – such as the shield carrying goons or soldiers wearing missile canisters – may require different maneuvers to defeat. do not worry. Nice list of unlockable skills and gadgets that boost a really decent range of motion. And thanks to Spidey Sense, you can dodge incoming attacks with the tap of a button at the right time.

fighting in Spider Man It can be difficult at times. If you fail to use stealth against a large number of enemies or decide to take on some of the toughest wave-based confrontations unprepared, you may find yourself rebooting from a previous checkpoint. However, none of these confrontations felt unfair. Instead, it is always entertaining thanks to its responsive combat mechanics and controls.

When you don’t hit the bad guys in the face with Spider-Man, you’ll be hiding from them as MJ or Miles Morales. You’ll hide behind objects and knock on objects or hack devices to lure guards away from an area, usually during key story moments. These ghostly sections are not as attractive as one would like but they do help space out the near-constant combat.

Spidey jumps down the street in broad daylight, the sky reflected in the windows of a nearby police station.

screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

We can spend the whole day explaining why Spider-Man from Marvel It was the best superhero game upon release (following it up, Spider-Man: Miles MoralesIt is even better) by detailing the plot and diverse game mechanics. Just know that it’s still fun to play regardless of platform. Shifting the focus back to this Remastered PC port, let’s talk about the visuals. The game looks great. Running it in 2K at 60fps was a breeze. With NIVIDA DLSS, there may be a frame dip while swinging around town, going as low as 56fps, but mostly Spider Man I stayed at or above 60.

In further messing around with the settings, toggling on HDR resulted in deep darks and richer colors. This mode can be set to reduce glare of bright lights and the like. With most settings kept high, and snorkeling to a very high level here and there (for things like texture quality/impact ambient occlusion from SSAO to HBAO+), it went well for the most part. Unfortunately, this was not the case when I tried to use ray tracing.

For example, placing ray tracing too high was a taboo. Spider Man It requires 10 GB of video memory, while the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti has only 8 GB; I can stand up and take a screenshot but trying to move anywhere could cause the game to crash. This was more my fault than mine. However, I had trouble using ray tracing even at low settings. The frame rate will drop to about 40fps in the middle and 30fps in the high. There will also be image noise or artifacts around things that were really distracting.

Spider-Man explores Manhattan from atop a building at dusk.

screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

To be fair, the construction of Spider-Man Remastered I tested it was not the final build. DLSS is not fully optimized, ray tracing is temporarily disabled for AMD GPUs and more. However, there is continuous improvement work being done; A few patches were released prior to launch that addressed most of these issues. I also have to take into account the architecture of my computer. While my GPU is great, I’m currently using an 8th Gen Intel processor waiting for the next upgrade.

All in all, I can say that Spider Man he is working well. Work being done to reduce ray tracing memory requirements and improve frame rates at all settings will help mitigate what could be the only problem with the game; I’ve noticed some audio sync issues and dark screens making no input options when trying to adjust a setting, but it’s since been addressed in a patch. The real win is how much the game is modified. It’s possible to move things around just enough to make what’s on your screen look better than what’s available on consoles. You’ll need a hardware powerful enough to get the best out of it visually – 4K 60fps with ray tracing set to maximum you’ll have to wait for patch – but even at the lower levels the game looks amazing. There’s also keyboard and mouse support, haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects for DualSense controllers, ultra-wide screen support and more to customize.r things to your liking. It’s even Steam Deck verified for those of you who have managed to secure one of Valve’s nifty portable devices. Again, your mileage may vary based on your current setup/devices.

The question of buying or not Spider-Man Remastered It should depend on the power of your computer. And maybe, if you’re able to cut the PS5 out of reach. Furthermore, there is no reason to compromise remastered. As it stands, it is a powerful port of the amazing Spider-Man game.

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