May 28, 2023

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Global infections of COVID-19 are increasing for the second week in a row

Infections COVID-19 This Wednesday pointed out that the global death toll continues to fall, with more than 2.6 million cases in the second week in a row, 3% more than the previous week. World Health Organization (WHO).

From June 28 to July 4, nearly 54,000 deaths were reported COVID-19, 7% lower than the previous week, the lowest number since the beginning of October 2020, according to the organization’s weekly epidemiological report.

However, all regions except the United States and Southeast Asia reported an increase in the number of deaths compared to the previous week, and an increase in epidemics in all but the United States.

Europe It has recorded a significant increase in the number of infections by 30% and the number of deaths by 6%. For its part, the Middle East recorded an 11% increase in the number of infections and a 2% increase in deaths.

The most affected area

The African continent, which has recently been hit hard by the lack of vaccines in the region, recorded a 23% increase in deaths COVID-19 15% more infections than the previous week.

Country-wise, Brazil has the highest number of new epidemics in the past week, followed by India, Colombia, Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

Delta variant, which is very worrying WHO, Identified in seven new countries last week and already over a hundred. (EFE)

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