September 26, 2022

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Genesis Tobias Confirms Legal Rebuke of Rachel Garcia for Breach of Agreement | Peruvian National Team | RMMD-EMCC | BOCONVIP

Former Gumbia dancer, Amor y Fuego sings against the Peruvian footballer this Thursday He promises that when they were in a valid contract, his footballer betrayed himself by leaving the representative company.

Genesis notes that Tobia took action by selling her ex-partner and father of her eldest daughter, Rachel Garcia, from Colombia to Dolima, and that she discovered about this Peruvian pass through the athlete’s social networks.

For this reason, Genesis and her husband Kick Marquez have decided to launch a civil lawsuit against athlete Rachel Garcia.

It is known that Rachel Garcia earns $ 30,000 dollars at Ptolemy. After her pass, footballer Genesis stopped Tobias’ husband and never confronted him again.

Don’t let it go

Genesis Tobias was brought out when he supported Rachel Garcia after a car accident in which two young men died in January last year.

“When your cameras went to the police station, when I left my children. I was with (Rachel)’s dad. Red poppy pointed out.

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