May 19, 2022

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Gabriel Borick presents his cabinet: 4 surprises from the next Chilean government | The world

Amidst great expectations, he was elected President , , Presented in his cabinet this morning.

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His government team will be marked by a strong presence For the breadth of women, independents and their political support, In conjunction with the traditional left-wing parties.

We promised to create a citizen government with open doors, closed, and it will always be on the side of the people”, Borick said at a presentation at Quinta Normal Park in Santiago.

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The next president also confirmed that he was a member of his cabinet.Prepared people“Y”Change is committed to the agenda”That seeks to encourage.

I ask my ministers to listen twice as much as they speak“, He added.

Next, we give you 4 keys on the appointment of Chile’s next president’s team to BBC Mundo.

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1. Strong presence of women

Although the president-elect had already announced that his government would be equal, it was surprising that women headed 14 ministries (out of a total of 24).

One of the most coded names Iskia Chichs, She is the first woman to serve as interior minister in Chilean history.

Siches was the campaign manager for the elected president. The 35-year-old doctor gained prominence during epidemics when he was in charge of the medical college, Chile’s leading union organization.

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Iskia Chich, the next home minister with Gabriel Borick, elected president.

He is considered a key player in Borik’s victory and is personally very close to him.

Iskia showed excellent political skills during the campaign, but he is deeply believed by the war. He had known her for many years and had a close relationship with her.”, Javier Sajuria, political scientist and educator at Queen Mary University of London, explains to BBC Mundo.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also be occupied by a woman. Antonia UrrezolaFormer President of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in 2021.

She is the second woman to occupy the Chilean Foreign Ministry.

2. “Quiet” signal to traders

For Chilean traders this is certainly a sign of peace.

Signing Mario Marcel In finance, for many investors, financial liability and guarantee of good management.

Mario Marcel will be Chile's next finance minister.
Mario Marcel will be Chile’s next finance minister.

The current chairman of the Central Bank of Chile One of the most valuable economists in the country Despite being criticized by hardline leftists at times, it enjoys very short-cut support.

It is a symbol of peace, he came from the left, but proved to be true to the traditional economic consensus. It gives peace of mind to Chilean traders and everyone. He was a responsible guy, building his reputation on that page”, Explica Sajuria.

3. Merging traditional parties

Another surprise of this new cabinet is the membership of the traditional parties of the Chilean left and the so-called consortians who have ruled the country at different times over the last 30 years.

The decision of the President-elect to include them in his administration because of need To secure a parliamentary majority That would allow him to make progress in his government program.

That was his alliance, that is I recognize dignity, There are only 37 delegates (out of a total of 155) and 5 senators (out of a total of 43).

Therefore, Borik chose to restructure the coalition that would support his government and expand its base of political and social support, including three ministers from the Socialist Party (PS) and representatives from the PPD, PR and PL.

Gabriel Borick won the Chilean presidential election last December.
Gabriel Borick won the Chilean presidential election last December.

There was a lot of speculation about the dominance that the Communist Party (PC) would gain, and eventually it ended up being a very broad cabinet on political grounds, reflecting the second round of war, not the first round.”, Dice Sajuria.

The elected president realized he did not have the majority to rule”, He adds.

4. Freedom and diversity

The elected president also wanted to coordinate Seven independent people To his cabinet.

An example is Marcela Ríos, a sociologist and former assistant representative to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The educator will be the next Minister of Justice.

In addition, it is a diverse cabinet of people from different Chilean social spheres.

For example, the next Minister of Education, Mario Avila, A teacher from public education, especially from the San Miguel Commune, who lives in extreme poverty.

The news acknowledges that political balances have changed and that political parties are not the only place to function.”, Dice Sajuria.

The full cabinet of Gabriel Borick:

  • Izkia Siches, Ministry of Interior and Public Security.
  • Giorgio Jackson, General Secretary of the Presidential Ministry.
  • Camila Vallejo, General Secretariat of the Government Ministry.
  • Mario Marcel, Ministry of Finance.
  • Janet Vega, Ministry of Community Development.
  • Mario Avila, Ministry of Education.
  • Antonia Orellana, Ministry of Women and Gender Equality.
  • Nicholas Grove, Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism.
  • Maya Fernandez Allende, Ministry of National Defense.
  • Marcela Ríos, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.
  • Janet Zara, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.
  • Juan Carlos Garcia, Ministry of Public Works.
  • Antonia Urrejola, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Begona Yarza, Ministry of Health.
  • Carlos Montes, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Esteban Valenzuela, Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Marcela Hernando, Ministry of Mines.
  • Juan Carlos Munoz, Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications.
  • Zaveera Toro, Ministry of National Assets.
  • Claudio Hubei, Ministry of Energy.
  • Misa Rojas, Ministry of Environment.
  • Juliata Brodsky, Ministry of Culture, the Arts and Heritage.
  • Alexandra Benado, Ministry of Sports.
  • Flavio Salazar, Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation.

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