October 6, 2022


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Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II | Shocking moment royal guard fainted in front of Queen Elizabeth II’s drawer | Palace of Westminster | Viral Video | the world

Last Thursday, September 8, the news shook the world: At age 96 and after seven decades on the throne, . The event made international headlines at the same time Dressed in mourning. After almost a week, the body of the monarch – who was in Scotland when he died – arrived in London on Tuesday, where a procession was held on Wednesday, ending at the Palace of Westminster. Midway through the start of the four-day vigil, a royal soldier fainted while standing guard near the coffin, captured in a shocking video.

After weeks of uncertainty and concerns over the Queen’s health, last Thursday Buckingham Palace They confirmed that he was dead. Adding to the pain of the message was the complexity of the context: His death coincided with an official visit to Scotland, which involved a complicated transfer protocol.

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Finally, On 14 September, the coffin arrived in London, where his son and heir, The . Once a procession was held in the English capital from Buckingham Palace Palace of Westminster, What was the first major event in his honor. That’s where the Burning Church was founded – more precisely Westminster Hall About 400,000 people will pass through, and the state funeral will last until Monday.

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As per protocol and tradition, several guards are placed around the coffin. This Wednesday, during the first day of vigil, one of them was involved in an incident. As seen in the video, The man, who belonged to the Royal Company of Archers, began to stagger until he hit his face on the ground and collapsed. Despite the efforts of her partner, she tried to support him without giving up her position. Immediately, two policemen approached him to help him.

Networks echoed the episode, and within minutes, the footage became the focus of debate as users speculated about the cause of the meltdown.

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Royal Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief of Royal Central, Charlie Proctor, took to his Twitter account to comment on the fallout. They stopped people from entering the burning church. A few minutes later he recounted: “The guard is receiving medical treatment. Meanwhile, the rotation of the guard has taken place and the public can now continue to walk with the Queen.

Although the cause of the decay is unknown, The journalist clarified that measures have been taken to avoid such incidents. “If one of the guards is sick during the vigil, he is asked to raise his head (according to tradition, everyone should keep their eyes on the floor). This will alert the high guard and a cycle will take place,” he explained with a video showing the change of soldiers. For now, any other event that could disrupt the ceremony did not come out.