November 28, 2022

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Free agent targets WR Odell Beckham Jr.  Back to the field in mid-November

Free agent targets WR Odell Beckham Jr. Back to the field in mid-November

Odell Beckham Jr. It was everywhere.

He was in the game pirate saints September 18 to visit his friend Jarvis Landry, among other things. Last week, he was at the Giants facility to visit a friend sterling shepherd To give him advice on ACL rehabilitation.

Where his tour takes him this week is anyone’s guess. Beckham’s vision has made him the most talked about free agent in the NFL. But it did not speed up his timeline in his recovery from Anterior cruciate ligament rupture During Super Bowl LVI.

Sources say the former WR Rams star is targeting mid-November for his return to the field, which means the impending signing would be a huge surprise. Any team can lock Beckham now and move him through the final stages of rehab, but a signing is likely to happen later.

It also sets up a situation where Beckham could lead to a feeding frenzy in November as the only top player in his position available at a time when the November 1 trading deadline is long past. In other words, for the second year in a row, Beckham will have his fiancée late in the season.

Last year, he I agreed to the terms With the Rams on November 11th, I spent a few weeks acclimatizing before the playoffs caught fire. He had nine catches for 113 yards in an NFC title game against the 49ers and had two catches for 52 yards and one TD before tearing up the ACL again in the Super Bowl against the Bengals.

If Beckham is on the mid-November squad, that means nine months of a clean ACL tear he suffered in February. As for potential suitors, decide which playoff rival team has a need for a receiver, including the Rams – who still have Beckham’s nameplate and closet stocked and ready.

The Bucs, Packers, Bills and Chiefs have all been discussed as potential suitors to Beckham, although the amount of money the broad recipient is guaranteed in a multi-year deal could rule out some possibilities.

Unlike last year, when Beckham was free after a frustrating stint in Cleveland, he seems more in line with players like Chris Goodwin And the Michael Gallupwho received big shrinkage Although recovering from an anterior cruciate ligament rupture.

Meanwhile, his old friend, Bills quarterback von millerAppeared on Richard Sherman audio notation Earlier this week, he hinted that he knows where Beckham will land.

“The way I like to think about it, I think when it’s time to start chopping the block, I think when it’s time to finish the work, we already know where it’s going. In my eyes, I think I know where it’s going,” Miller said.