December 8, 2021

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France | Marie Curie | Why are notebooks stored under layers of lead for 1500 years? | NNDC | The world

Since the National Library of France is owned by Marie Curie, it is housed in boxes with many layers of important documents from the history of science. These are the notebooks of the only woman to win the Nobel Prize twice.

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According to Researchers must sign an agreement exempting the company from any liability before contacting the world’s rarest and oldest archives.

Together with her husband, Curie discovered new chemical components, in addition, principles Nuclear Physics and Radiology.

Since Mary was born on November 7, 1867, scientists have not measured the catastrophic effects of radiation on humans since the discovery of the Polish-named radium and polonium.

In 1934, Marie Curie Due to frequent contact with radium and polonium, he died of aplastic anemia due to carrying pieces of these in his pocket. From that moment on, all the items related to it are specially placed in lead boxes.

The scientist’s body was also carefully placed and buried in an inch-thick lead sari. A Paris Pantheon.

This was done to prevent radioactive cells from entering the environment.

According to scientists, the “mother of modern physics” notebooks will be stored for at least 1,500 years, and according to scientists, radio atoms and the new metal that changed the history of physics and chemistry will take decay after discovery. Marie Curie.

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