January 27, 2023


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For Draymond Green, the video changes everything

I’m from the age of the open gym in Sobrante Park, the Midnight League in Brookfield, the mini-carrier in Mosswood Park, and the Hoop-It-Up Championships in the Coliseum parking lot. I wasn’t very good, but I was there and I know someone shaking their jaw at basketball isn’t the most breaking news.

Now, sticking with this street icon concept, what’s supposed to happen next Golden State Warriors Mode? One of the few options. The easiest solution is Jordan Paul to fight Draymond Green, revenge on Greene punched him in the face on Wednesday. The difference in size makes that unfair, and in Green’s favor. This makes the underprivileged, like Paul, escalate the situation even more, if you know what I mean. Because he can’t get reciprocity with his own hands. So the other option is for Paul’s brothers and cousins ​​and Patna – someone – that Greene jumps in punishment. That or one of Paul’s big buds, anyone the size of a green or larger, would fight for Paul by proxy.

But that’s what makes this so horrible. Green is my big friend. Supposed to be a protector. They love him because that’s a role he plays and he’s reliable. He shy away from a lot of his behaviors because of the value he brings, especially in this area. With green as your big brother, your back is always covered. He was supposed to fight for Paul. Don’t attack him.

It’s a big responsibility, big fellow. dear one. And green is usually great at that. Now, it has lost that prestige. He betrayed his position.

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