June 30, 2022


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Finland prepares for Russia-sponsored migration crisis

Processing the application of NATO member and Finland Sweden In the alliance, Finnish authorities are preparing to face a Russian-induced migration crisis, as happened on the border between Poland and Belarus at the end of 2021.

Moscow has repeatedly warned Finland that entering NATO could have serious consequences, which is why the Finnish government, which officially issued the request on Wednesday, fears that the Kremlin could use refugees in large numbers to dismantle its reception system.

For this reason, the Finnish Executive is urgently preparing a series of legal reforms that will allow it to tackle the potential migration crisis.

Finnish results

This Thursday, the Interior Ministry submitted a draft amendment to the Border Guard Act, which aims to combat Moscow’s “hybrid influence measures,” including deporting thousands of asylum seekers. In general, according to an official statement.

Among other changes, the amendment includes the possibility of temporarily restricting the right to stay and move around the border in exceptional circumstances, for example, in the event of a large influx of immigrants.

Similarly, the reception of asylum applications may be centered at certain points on the border between Finland and Russia, which may mean closing the remaining border crossings for refugees.

A legal provision has been added to allow the construction of fences and other barriers along the border to increase border security, although the government has not taken any decision in this regard.

Due to the large extension (1,340 km) of the border between Finland and Russia, only the most commonly used cross-border areas and other areas considered vulnerable will be strengthened.

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“We can prepare for a mixed attack that will take advantage of immigration, with sufficient powers for the authorities to act preventively and effectively in the event of clear law and order.”The Interior Ministry said in a statement.

What does Russia say?

Although there are currently no indications that Russia is planning a military response to Finland’s entry into NATO, the first trade retaliation has already been seen.

Last Saturday, Russian energy company Inter RAO cut off electricity supplies to Finland, accusing it of having “problems paying”, and this Saturday announced that it would suspend gas transfers to Finnish company Gasum for refusing to pay Russian company Gazprom. In rubles.

(With information from EFE)

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