May 31, 2023

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Final episode of 'Rings of Power' season 1: Charlie Vickers on Halbrand Reveal

Final episode of ‘Rings of Power’ season 1: Charlie Vickers on Halbrand Reveal

The following contains spoilers from rings of strength Season one finale. work according to.

Finally, we know who Sauron is The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

The identity of the Dark Lord was revealed in the Season 1 finale on Thursday when Galadriel investigated the lineage of the true King of the Southlands. She revealed a startling revelation in the archives of Erigon: the king’s dynasty died a thousand years ago, he had no heirs, which means Halbrand lied about his identity. When I confronted him about it, the mysterious Southlander confirmed that it was indeed, The Sauron.

While the audience only learned Sauron’s true identity at the end, photographer Charlie Vickers found out who he was actually playing before the third episode was filmed. It was Halbrand,” Vickers told TVLine.

For those who were interested in Halbrand closely, Episode 3 provided a great clue as to his background. When disturbed by a group of Númenóreans, he loses his temper and breaks a man’s arm, also demanding to “call me Halbrand” with an evil voice.

“I think this is a really fun moment because for some people, you might think Sauron is one of the greatest villains, [so] Why would he get into a tavern brawl in an alley with some old men in Nimnor? He wasn’t doing it,” the actor shares. “But I honestly think he would for two reasons: I think it shows how low he has gone, Tolkien talks about how low he has been in this period, and then it reappears very slowly. Also, you see an element of his weakness, that he’s a bad guy, and if you tease him, he can explode and make mistakes.”

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We saw that mood flare up again when he tried to manipulate Galadriel into joining him as his queen, and she vehemently rejected him. His behavior completely changed, and he started making fun of her until they were screaming at each other.

“It’s outrageous,” Vickers says of Sauron’s confrontation with Gladrill: “He wants her to help him influence his designs faster.” [because] It is an ear for commissions. They’re working on that frequency, and he’s trying to impress her.” Both he and costar Morvid Clarke found that moment “a bit exciting” because they were right back where they started on the raft, which was very difficult to picture. However, it was also “cool to take it to a full circle.

The deep scene also marked the end of Galadriel and Halbrand’s friendship, which had been building up all season. And while Vickers acknowledges there are “specific feelings” between the pair, he didn’t think they were particularly romantic.

He says, “I’ve heard people have been ‘charged’, and I’m like that. I don’t think there were romantic feelings, but it’s great that people think that. I think they’re more exciting on that level,” he says, “We both work on sort of different frequencies for each person. Another.” For Sauron/Halbrand, it’s been a long time since I’ve met someone who can work close to the level I am at, and that’s really exciting. I think that’s where the chemistry comes from.”

Season one ended with Sauron staring at Mount Doom on the horizon, which indicates that the Dark Lord has arrived at Mordor. With production and filming already underway in Season 2, Vickers knows exactly where his character will go next season.

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“I think the most exciting thing is that the world was established in season one. We’ve seen all three episodes,” he notes. “The Three Elves episodes are being made, and he has a role in them, although he doesn’t directly make them. We know from legacy that there are a lot of wonderful things that are going to happen soon.”

This includes the creation of the Seven Rings of Dwarves, and the Nine Rings of Mortal Men. Oh, and then there’s the main ring, aka One Ring to Rule Them All. “One Ring is on the right track,” Vickers adds. “He should be making those episodes at some point, and we’re doing that on the show. I can’t confirm or deny any details about that, but I’m really excited when we get to this point in the story.”

For Halbrand of all things, Vickers doesn’t think Sauron left this part of his journey completely behind.

“I think it was really cool to play with him in this repentance period. Whether it’s original or not, it’s really interesting and it’s a big topic in what Tolkien writes about the character at this time,” says Vickers. “He always thinks he’s doing a good job, so there’s this complexity for him as a character, and he’s trying to heal and rehabilitate Middle-earth.”

Additionally, the Dark Lord takes on various forms during the Second Age, which adds to its allure. Vickers concludes, “I think there will always be this element to the audience, like, ‘Sure, he’s definitely evil and should be considered horrific.’” But, hopefully, when we see things from his point of view, we see that [he has] Fair motives – at least in the beginning. I love for me that there will always be a twinkle of Halbrand inside me, because I’ve been through this season.”

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How do you feel about Halbrand’s role as Sauron rings of strength? Were you shocked, or did you know the whole time?