May 28, 2023

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Ferman’s resignation as head of surgery in “Dr. Miracle” | Musi the Doctor Turkish soap operas nnda nnlt | Views

Telenovela is currently undergoing change. “”, Turkey’s victory over thousands of people in various countries of the world established itself as a favorite in Spain. In the next few episodes the surgeon Ferman Erichit will cause a big surprise that will force him to make a serious decision.

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Its premiere in Turkey on September 12, 2019 “The Miracle DoctorAlso known as “Product Original Name”Dr. Miracle“Managed to be identified as one of the most popular binoculars and achieved significant audience levels. Therefore, the story based on the series” The Good Doctor “will reach Latin America and other countries in Europe.

The Miracle DoctorHistory of Ali Wefa (Tanner AlmesA young doctor with autism spectrum disorder is trying to win a place on the pediatric surgery team Istanbul Berhayat Hospital.

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One of your colleagues will be a doctor Ferman Ericit, The head of the surgical area will talk a lot when making the decision to leave that position.

Actor Onur Tuna “Doctor Miracle” (Photo: Onur Tuna / Instagram) with other actors

Why did Ferman refuse to be the head of surgery?

Onur Tuna The real name of the actor who plays the doctor Ferman Ericit, Works in fiction as head of surgery at Berhayat Hospital in Istanbul.

As everyone knows, the doctor became the head of surgery, and he dreamed a lot because it was the promise he made to his sister when he first decided to study medicine. After a while he was able to fulfill that promise.

Many will ask why he resigned as head of surgery. The answer is that Dr. Ferman had a deep wound in his right arm. Precisely the hand he always uses to work and act.

After thinking well and facing various patterns of frustration, Ferman He decides to leave the hospital and gives the nurse a paper. That document is your resignation.

You know how much I love this job and I don’t want to talk about it. Give that paper to Wusslot“, He declared.

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How did Sergeant Ferman break his arm?

Although he is doing a good job in his area, everything will change when he has to go out with his team to help many road accident victims on the road. Only then will he have an accident.

This happened when he decided to go down a ditch to help his son with a woman who needed emergency help.

By mistake the doctor rolled down the cliff and placed a dot in his right hand, which is why his nerves were cut. His colleagues rushed him to the hospital, but despite the doctors’ efforts he was unable to recover his sensitivity.

He came to see his sister Ferman’s health, which surprised the surgeon, except that he did not move his hand, and was disappointed at the time.

Sorry, I did not keep my word”, He told his sister while crying.

Dear, I can no longer, I can no longer operate on my handFerman noted.

Dr. Ali Wefa just tried to encourage him and mentioned that he could return to his post as soon as he recovered.

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Recovered, is it possible for Ferman to return to his position?

As a result of his resignation, many questions arise Meeting He will make things very clear to Ferman about his future at the Istanbul Hospital.

Do you think the whole hospital will be waiting for you until you do? (…) A surgeon at my hospital can no longer work, you always try your hand, I hope you will, but after you have already resigned, I need to find another surgeon soon.He told Ferman.

Ferman’s replacement was immediate Muhsin, A physician with excellent experience as the head of the surgical area.

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According to Telef,
According to Telef, “Doctor Miracle” will end in mid-November (Photo: MF Yapim)

Is “Doctor Milagro” on any streaming platform?

Yes, “Doctor Miracle” can be found on the streaming platform HBO Max, Which is available in Latin America, with a subscription fee. This place has all the episodes of “Mucize Doktor”.

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