August 13, 2022

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Evo Morales confirms AMLO version of attack on plane carrying him to Mexico in 2019

Following the recent reports of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) on the sudden attack on him Evo Morales In 2019 after leaving his country in the direction of a refuge in mid-Mexico A confusing situation, The former president of Bolivia has confirmed the events through a thread posted on Twitter.

On your official network, Moods Revealed that The Bolivian army attempted to shoot down a Mexican military plane with a rocket Who moved him from Cochabamba in 2019, Bolivia.

With new revelations from Brother President’s book ‘Half Way’ Mexico, Lopez Obrador, I remember again how we saved ourselves from being assassinated by conspirators. They were not satisfied with taking the election and the government from us, they tried to take our lives, ”he said.

A report from the Mexican National Defense Secretariat on the trip also reveals the situation during the trip. When they reached almost 1,500 feet above the ground, From the left side of the cockpit of the pilot was able to observe a light path similar to the characteristic of the rocket.

Map showing the route of a Mexican Air Force plane carrying Evo Morales, who accepted political asylum in Mexico. Chart: AFP

According to this calculation, the Mexican pilot rated it as a “projectile” and its starting point may have been located near Cochabamba Airport (Bolivia) ”, From where they now departed Evo Morales On board

“In order to protect the very simple, to restore our natural resources and to demand the rights of the indigenous people,” The pro-imperialist right has put a price on my head. They paid me $ 50,000 for my security to hand me over to the security conspirators. Stressed Moods.

The former head of state arrived Mexico As the government’s political asylum on November 12, 2019 Lopez Obrador After the political crisis, he was forced to step down as president Questioned the OAS report condemning election fraud in Bolivia.

Mexico Recognized from Peru Cross its sky in the direction BoliviaSo, the plane flew over the Pacific Ocean for six hours until it landed in Lima.

In order to return, Peru He no longer allowed the Mexican plane to refuel, so he did so in Asuncion (Paraguay); Then it flew over Brazil and Peru, but Ecuador He blocked the passage. Finally, he had to get around the country Mexico.

“They ruined the flight plan of the plane sent by Brother Lopez Obrador, they criminally attacked the plane and its crew. Peru and Ecuador closed their skies. But thanks to the skill and solidarity of the Mexican pilot brothers we were able to get out alive,” he said. Added Moods.

Lopez Obrador, Who issued his third government statement this week, The left-wing leader reflected in his book on the possibility of losing life in the air.

“Ewo was saying we saved his life; I thought it was an act of gratitude for our solidarity, but when the Secretary of Defense handed me the report, I realized the great danger it had run,” he wrote.

With information from EFE

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