May 31, 2023

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Last week, the Cuban government announced that Abdala – its three-dose vaccine – was 92% effective in preventing the disease. . Days ago, the Its other vaccine – Sovereign 2 – showed 62% effectiveness in preventing infection, and it was reported to be effective in improving that efficacy with the third dose. Even last week, Abdala received the first shipment of 12 million doses of the vaccine, purchased from the Cuban government. Today we will make a brief study of the Cuban vaccine.

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First of all, it is important to remember that Cuba’s biotechnology industry is wholly state-owned It has a long history of producing 60% to 70% of biomedicines, vaccines and drugs consumed by the population.

In this context, the Director of the Cuban Pinley Vaccine Company, Dr. Vicent Vers Bencomo, said: In March, they began testing Phase 3 of the Soperana 2 and Abdala vaccines, The only Latin American vaccines at that stage are the 23rd most developed in the world.

Let us remember that there are five types of vaccines being developed in the world : Virus vector vaccines (Johnson & Johnson, Oxford / Astrogenogen and Sputnik V), which – like the Trojan horse – use the unrelated and harmless modified virus to carry the SARS-CoV-2 gene. MRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna), which teach the immune system to identify the virus. Inactivated vaccines (Sinovac and Sinoform), which contain the inactivated SARS-CoV-2 virus. Live vaccines (codegenics) with weakened virus; And protein vaccines, which contain corona virus-derived proteins (Novavox and Sanofi / GSK) that stimulate immunity. Five Cuban vaccines protein.

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Sovereign vaccine

La Soberana, produced in collaboration with the Finlay Institute’s Center for Molecular Immunology and the National Center for Biological Products in Cuba, contains three products: Soberana 1, 2 and Plus Its name emphasizes the political and economic importance of vaccines for the island.

Sovereign 2 vaccine as described , Uses an integrated subunit technology – not used by any other vaccine manufacturer in the world – including Scientists isolate protein SI from spike and combine it with the passive form tetanus (toxoid). Sovereignty 1 is a It consists of a pair of spike protein fragments mixed with components of the outer layers of meningococcal bacteria. Tetanus and meningococcal particles ‘boosters’ or boost the immune system. Sovereignty3 Tested on 450 volunteers who have already been affected , What Increasing immunity in active population.

, The Finlay Institute has decades of experience in this subunit technology, which is very inexpensive and has already developed the Semi-Hi vaccine.b, the first type recognized in Latin America and the second in the world, against ‘Haemophilus influenzae‘Coccobacillus causing diseases such as type B, meningitis, pneumonia and epiglottis.

“Soperana 2 and Abdala are the only Latin American vaccines in the 3rd phase”.

B Abdala and Mombisa

The Abdalla vaccine and the intranasal vaccine, Mambisa, are vaccines and biotechnology (CIGP) produced by the Center for Genetic Engineering, the title of a poem written by Jose Martே, in memory of the soldiers who fought against Spanish rule in the mid- and late 19th centuries. Both vaccines are inserted -East ‘Pichia pastoris‘- and is one that makes up the spike protein. Its development is based on the extensive experience of CIGP, which has been manufacturing hepatitis B vaccines in Cuba for 25 years.

-Best Studies-

Clinical trials to test the effectiveness of their vaccines have been done at the time of registration, using the unfortunate increase in the number of cases On the island. Although these were at their lowest levels during the first year of the epidemic, they exploded in November 2020 when Cuba opened its doors to tourism. Island, this 12,225 confirmed cases in 2020 and 31,465 confirmed cases in April 2021 alone.

“It is important to remember that Cuba has global recognition in the field of biotechnology.”

Sovereignty2 44,000 people in the Phase 3 trial, some of whom received placebo. Due to the emergency, Cuban scientists conducted another performance test on 75,000 people with Sovereign 2, this time without placebo. Since not everyone is vaccinated at the same time, people waiting to be vaccinated serve as a control group. In their latest announcement, the researchers reported a 62% efficacy in preventing infection, and they are exploring whether a third dose can improve that efficacy.

Instead of using placebo, Sovereignty 1 directly matches Sovereignty 2 in a phase 2 test. No results yet.


Undoubtedly, the announcement that the Abdala vaccine is 92% effective in preventing infection Vaccines – such as Pfizer, Moderna and Sputnik V – make up more than 90% of the population. The world needs billions of vaccines to fight the disease And, as required by other vaccine manufacturers, the release of co-reviewed scientific reports is now awaited.

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