December 8, 2021

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Elizabeth II of England: not wearing a helmet for safety while riding a horse | British Royal Family | Royalty | Nnda | nnni | The world

Did you notice this detail from His Majesty? His health is causing concern in the UK and the rest of the world after he canceled his first official act in the weeks due to back pain and after spending a night in hospital. Although the queen At the age of 95 he is amazed on many occasions with good physical and mental condition, some of the activities he enjoyed doing without horseback riding and helmet can no longer be done by him due to medical facility.

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Horseback riding is prohibited

The king had to say goodbye to her a great curiosity. According to the tabloid The sun He was also saddened to learn that he could not ride a horse for at least a while. “It’s been part of his ritual for most of his life.”.

Considered an avid rider and avid racing fan, Elizabeth II should retire.

On horseback without a helmet

From an early age, Isabel II enjoyed horseback riding From the middle ‘Week’, Do this action “Without a helmet, his hairstyle should not be ruined”.

An example of this is that after his 73rd wedding anniversary with Philip from Edinburgh, he was caught riding through the woods around Windsor in 2020. He was wearing a brown coat and a headscarf. He was seen with his permanent manager, Terry Pendry.

Everything seems to indicate that the Queen does not like helmets because in her old age she was photographed on some occasions with scarves or silk scarves tied under the cheek. She still prefers not to wear a safety helmet when riding a horse.

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On one occasion, when someone asked him why he was avoiding using them, he showed his sense of humor, noting that he did so to avoid confusion, and reminded his narrator that doing his hairstyle was not an easy thing to do. On ‘Who’.

Elizabeth II of England was caught riding a horse for the first time since the outbreak of the disease in 2020. (Photo: AFP)

Elizabeth II’s love for horses

At the beginning of the epidemic, Elizabeth II ordered her horses to be moved from the barn of Buckingham Palace to Hampton Court Palace outside London, to keep them close while she was locked up in Windsor.

Also, the welfare of her animals is paramount to her and since she has been riding them since childhood, she enjoys getting close to them, feeding and cuddling them.

“His Majesty has loved riding since childhood and is closely associated with the welfare of the horses he owns for breeding, riding and racing.”, As they point out from the British Royal House.

Elizabeth II learned to ride when she was four years old after giving her father a Shetland pony named George VI Becky.

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