December 7, 2022

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Eight out of 10 youth are already investing in BVL from S/ 10, how to do it? | Stock Market | Profit | Shares | Your money

As of October 2022, 8 out of 10 of its users have already invested Yes/ 10 to S/ 600, On average.

Country Manager In Peru and Chile, it is referred to as an application (app) that allows users to securely access the Lima Stock Exchange. Buy local, international stocks and ETFs.

All customer money goes through Kalpa SAP, with whom we have an alliance. Additionally, all assets they purchase are covered by Cavalli. mentioned.

A novelty of this application is that you can invest From S/10 While it is true that there is no minimum investment amount in BVL when buying shares, it is generally a good idea to start with S/5,000 as a starting point.

He opined that the commission was collected fintech It is S/ 10 for transactions up to S/ 2,000; Another US$2.5 for transactions up to US$500.

Above these amounts 0.5% commission is charged. Thus, a total of 7,000 people are using this platform so far.

In terms of volume of transactions per day, it is close to 80.We do 14% to 15% of the daily transactions done at BVL”, pointed out.

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– who uses –

Admin – Regarding Tickets Aver- commented that these are as diverse as the properties that Peruvians buy most on BVL through the platform.

What has been seen in the last six months is that there is a clear willingness to buy local assets (stocks) – typically from companies like BCP, Rimac One Alicarp– because they know each other well and have a certain amount of trust.

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It is preferable to bet on companies that people are familiar with and are more comfortable with”, He explained. However, international assets are becoming more and more advanced.

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Transactions are as low as S/ 20 or US$ 5. On the sole, it usually trades up to S/ 50,000 or US$ 9,000 in terms of dollars.

80% users of this app They invest from S/ 10 to S/ 600 to S/ 700 From the average age range that uses it 18 to 37 years.

Another detail is that 95% of its users are transacting on BVL for the first time. They didn’t do it because they considered it inaccessible. In addition, more than 50% are investors from areas such as Arequipa, Trujillo, Sigleo, Piura and with a moderate risk profile.

Many of our users make repeat purchases. In other words, it does this consistently over time and over a long period of time, creating discipline and monetary growth over time. Along those lines, most of our investors are long-term investors”. he added.

At the moment, the majority of Peruvians using the platform do not sell their assets (stocks) but buy them over time, so their profits are high in the long run, many assets (stocks) are at low prices.

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