August 8, 2022

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Ecuador: The Guillermo Lasso government and the local movement have signed an agreement ending the protests.

Government of Ecuador And the tribal movement signed a law this Thursday, which came to an end Struggles against the cost of livingThis includes a contract that is partially acceptable to the executive Demands to encourage a mobilization that lasts 18 days.

Thanks to the mediation of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference, which negotiated with both sides until the government reached various concessions, it was agreed by the local movement to announce the outcome of the protests.

It was dangerous for a section of the members of the native movement to sign at times when they did not agree with the points agreed upon by their leaders, which was finally suspended for about an hour until the consensus and document were signed.

The most controversial thing among the indigenous people was that the subsidized price was reduced by 15 cents per dollar for fuel because their original demand was 40 cents.

Added was the government’s commitment to repeal the government’s promotion of oil operations in the Amazon and to stop mining concessions in protected natural areas, invisible areas, water recharge areas, and ancestral areas of indigenous peoples.

In the last few days, the board has approved a waiver of loans to farming families with up to $ 3,000 in arrears, a reduction in interest rates on current loans, a subsidy of up to 50% on the price of urea, and a $ 50 to $ 55 bonus for vulnerable households. The budget for intercultural education should be doubled and the health system declared a state of emergency.

The remaining ten points on the tribal movement’s demands will be handled in working groups, such as debt forgiveness of up to $ 10,000, price control of basic necessities and non-privatization of state-owned enterprises. .

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In return for stopping the protest, the government promised to cancel New exemptions were imposed on Wednesday in four provinces of the country where several chapters of violence had accumulated And a shortage of essential commodities such as fuel and medical oxygen.

90 days duration

The law was signed by Minister Francisco Jimenez on behalf of the administration and Leonidas Isa, President of the Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (Konai) on behalf of the tribal movement.

It was signed by the National Federation of Farmers, Indigenous and Black Organizations (Phenosin), Gary Espinosa and Ecuador’s Council of Evangelical Indigenous Peoples and Organizations (FINE), Eustachio Dola.

“Many times we have made a mistake because our attitude is violent, but that attitude does not always mean that (…) both sides have made a mistake, but dare to admit the mistakes,” Dola said.

In turn, ISA acknowledged that the law did not cover all demands, but highlighted that it was a “significant achievement”, while asking that there be no criminal justice in the judiciary against those involved in the protests.

“It is enough to continue to stigmatize and ‘racist’ social militants. It is enough to call us terrorists,” Issa added.

The protests began on Monday, June 13, killing six people, including a soldier, and injuring about 500 among protesters and agents.