June 26, 2022


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Ecuador: Guillermo Lasso vows to “protect Guido” before parade of indigenous organizations

President of Ecuador William Lasso He vowed to defend the capital, Quito, in order to counter the intent of tribal organizations marching on the city in the framework of a national strike. The indefinite strike called by the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (CONAIE) marks its eighth day this Monday.

“We cannot allow a few perpetrators to stop millions of Ecuadorian people from working. We are not going to allow people to confront people against each other,” he stressed. “I have come to protect Kyoto from every family in the capital and the country,” Lasso stressed in a message to the nation.

The tribesmen have responded to the state Ecuador There is a dual level of fear of an alleged attack on the city. “We were told they were coming to destroy Kitto. Do not come to destroy the Amazon, “said Marlon Vargas, president of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples in Ecuador (CONFENIAE).

Despite rejecting offers of “democracy or chaos,” Lasso called for a dialogue this Monday. About 80 highways have been cut off due to the strike.

The president promised to respond to CONAIE’s demands with his plans on Saturday: declaring a state of emergency in the health system, announcing a budget doubling for cultural education, increasing human development bonuses, forgiving debts, subsidizing the sector and urea, among other measures.

“We are going for the demands of the just citizens,” he said, adding that he regretted that, despite these concessions, the response was more violence and new threats to Quito.

However, according to Lasso, those who lead the struggles do not want peace. “They want chaos, they want to overthrow the president, I’m here, I’m not going to escape … democracy or chaos, that’s the big war,” he stressed, while defending, he is always open. Conversation, listening to the needs of the people of Ecuador, especially the most vulnerable.

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“We all want dialogue, except for a few acts of violence. I call for peace. We must sit down at a table and find solutions to every legitimate need of the Ecuadorian people,” he argued.

Lasso has declared a state of emergency in three provinces, Pichincha, Cotobaxi and Impabura, but the National Assembly is set to repeal the order this Monday.

The protests in Ecuador cost $ 50 million

The first four days of protests by the tribal movement against the government in Ecuador, The country’s manufacturing sectors have blocked $ 50 million in salesAccording to the administrator’s estimate.

Ecuador’s Ministry of Fisheries, Foreign Trade, Investment and Fisheries warned in a statement that exports have been hit by road closures, which “threaten non-oil exports, which grew by more than 30% last year.”

(With information from Europa Press and AFP)