May 31, 2023

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Earthquake in Mexico: What were the glows of the mysterious light that appeared in the sky of Mexico during the earthquake with its epicenter in Acapulco? | The world

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook the region on Tuesday , In the south , And caused the death of at least one person.

The quake, which struck at 8:47 pm local time (01.47 GMT), was also felt in Mexico City, where frightened residents took to the streets to hear the quake warning.

Identity: Live | 7.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Mexico, killing at least one | Photos

Hector Astudillo, governor of the state of Guerrero, explained that the victim had died when a pole fell on the municipality of Coyo de Benades.

In other parts of the country, officials said there was no evidence of further human casualties or related damage.

Identity: Earthquake in Mexico: Photos of material damage in the hotel area of ​​Acapulco

On Mexico City A series Lights similar to northern lights, according to social media and media images.

What are these mysterious lights? What has the earthquake got to do with them?

Electricity bill

According to researchers at Rutgers University in the United States, light glow occurs Landslides close to the Earth’s geological imperfections generate electricity.

Identity: Lights and panic in the sky: How did a magnitude 7.1 earthquake strike Mexico City? Videos

They are known as “Earthquake Lights” And they have been documented since the 1600s, according to the American Seismological Association.

For example, two days before the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, a couple saw rays of light on the ground. In the case of Quebec, Canada, in 1988, 11 days before the catastrophic earthquake, bright pink and purple light was seen.

After the Fukushima earthquake, spheres of strange light were observed. (NHK)

A few seconds before the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake in Italy, passers-by saw “flames of light” emanating from stones in the city’s historic site.

Video cameras recorded numerous light sources during a magnitude 8.0 earthquake in Biscay, Peru in 2007.

Most recently, several videos showing glowing spheres were posted on YouTube, in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima earthquake in Japan and the tsunami, something like the earthquake in Mexico is now happening.


These earthquake lights Earthquakes can occur before or during movements.

The most common lightning strikes in the sky are the result of the accumulation of electric charges in the clouds.

But laboratory tests at Rutgers University suggest that these lights appear instead Large increase in electricity charges on land if ground breaking.

Biomedical engineer Troy Shinfrod presented the results at the 2014 American Physical Society meeting.

His laboratory developed a small sample of the stresses, struggles, and cracks that occur during an earthquake.

If the lights are made before the earthquake, they will act as a warning to escape the disaster in a timely manner.  (Getty Images)
If the lights are made before the earthquake, they will act as a warning to escape the disaster in a timely manner. (Getty Images)

They filled pots with different types of grains from flour to thin glass balls, stirring at intervals to create cracks.

They observed that it generated hundreds of volts of electricity, claiming that even subtle landslides in geological faults were enough to charge the earth and cause lightning strikes in the sky.

The team, led by Troy Shinbrod, observed two other types of objects with particles sticking together and slipping in the same way as the Earth in earthquake-prone areas.

Thus as they moved, they discovered that they were all generating a voltage.

Warning to prevent disasters

not yet Was able to figure out why this load occurs Or why sometimes lights appear and sometimes they don’t.

“Not every major earthquake is preceded by lightning. Earthquakes do not occur after all lightning strikes occur in clear skies,” Shinprot commented.

In the L'Aquila quake, a resident took his family to safety after seeing flashes two hours before the quake.  (Getty Images)
In the L’Aquila quake, a resident took his family to safety after seeing flashes two hours before the quake. (Getty Images)

We have found that they appear to be precursors of 5 or more major earthquakes. But the voltage signal is not always the same. Sometimes it is more and sometimes less, ”he added.

However, these are bright warning signs To help prevent disasters.

In the aftermath of the earthquake in L’Aquila, a resident took his family to safety after seeing lightning inside his home two hours before the quake.

Based on this, plans have been launched to observe and record these lights in areas that are particularly vulnerable to seismic movements.

This note was first published in March 2014.


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