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Dreaming about you: What is Ergency Guess, Turkish soap opera starring Kane Yemen and Demet Ostemir | Turkish soap operas | Fame

Argentina knows a new love story. About “”, Starring Turkish soap opera Y , Two actors acclaimed in Turkey and in many countries where fiction landed. Argentines are already eager to know what this new Telefe race, dubbed “Erkenci Kuş”, is about.

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The , Where Demet Ostemir Sanem Aidin plays Dwight y Can Yemen A Can Divit, first aired in Turkey between 2018 and 2019 and began advertising at the end of November . Ottoman Fiction has 51 original episodes, each lasting more than 2 hours. In Argentina, they are expected to be very fractional in about 40 minutes per episode.

What is “dreaming with you” about?

(In its original language) revolves around a young woman named Sanem Aidin from a simple neighborhood in Istanbul who dreams of becoming a writer and living in the Galapagos Islands. When his family convinces him to marry Muzaffar, a neighbor, if he does not get a permanent job, he starts working for an advertising agency called Fikri Harika, where he thanks his sister Leela. Son.

Advertising poster for “Dreaming With You”, also known as “Dream Bird” (Photo: Gold Movie)

Emre’s older brother, Kane Dwight, on the other hand, is a world-renowned independent photographer who has returned to the company’s anniversary. There, they reveal to him that his father has a serious illness, and he instructs him to run the company and find something to help his rival Aileen. The young man had no choice but to provoke his brother’s jealousy, to be the ‘mole’ of the company, and as his lover and secret partner, his father’s enemy number one.

Sane and Kane meet for the first time at a company party. The young woman accidentally enters Kane’s box, kisses her passionately in the dark, and mistakenly thinks she’s his girlfriend’s pollen. Sanem realizes that she is madly in love with the stranger and decides to find out his true identity. Meanwhile, Kane is convinced that he is a bad guy who only sees the value of the company for sale, thereby helping the young woman to ruin the company.

Thus, Sanem finds herself caught in the middle of cheating, but, above all, between the love of two men: Alpatros (the name she gave to the unknown man who kissed her), whom she loves without knowing him; And can, without acknowledging who he hates, that he began to feel things for him.

Although he does not suspect that she is the same person, he believes when Kane, who soon falls in love with Sanam and finds out that she is the woman he kissed in the box, decides to separate her by Emrey’s lies. That she is engaged to another man.

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Sanem and Kane in "Dream about yourself",
Also called “Dreaming With You” by Seneum and Kane, also known as “Dreaming Bird” (Photo: Gold Movie)

When does “Zoer Condigo” premiere on Telef?

At the end of November 2021, Telef began promoting a new Turkish soap opera that would hit its programming stage: “Dream about yourself”, Also known as “Dream Bird” The “Ergency Guess”. However, the TV network has not announced the release date of its new race.

It only revealed: “A story that will win your heart to dream of you on the TELEFE screen is coming soon”. Of course, December is expected to be its premiere month or, if it fails, the beginning of 2022. We will have to wait for the official announcement.

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Actors and characters who “dream with you”

  • Demet Özdemir como Sanem Aydın Divit
  • Can Yaman como Can Divit
  • Tzlem Tokaslan como Mevkibe Aydın
  • Sihan Ergan Como Muzaffar “Misifu” Kaya
  • Çznur Serieler como Leyla Aydın Divit
  • Berat Yenilmez com Nihat Aydin
  • Birand Tunca como Emre Divit
  • İpek Tenolcay como Hma Divit Erdamar
  • Sevcan Yaşar como Aylin Yükselen
  • Anil Celik Como Genghis ”CC“Ostemir
  • Como Teren Geskin by Tuxe Kumral
  • Ceren Tasci como Ayhan Ik
  • Sibel Şiman como Gliz Yldırm
  • Tuan Tunalı como Metin Lawyer
  • Ali Yakshi Como Osman Isik
  • Asuman Kagir Como Aysun Kaya
  • Oz Okul como Rifat
  • Feri Baycu Guler como Melahat
  • வேதியியல் Giköe Aytaç como Polen
  • Ahmed Somers as Aziz tweeted
  • Utku aids como yikit
  • Tolka Byrakali Como Akif
  • Ayıe Akın como Arsu Taş
  • Baki lift Como Levent Divit
  • Alsi Melisa Uzun como Gamze
  • Tilak Free Como Aisa
  • Tofan Ginacan como Samet Hoca
  • Gamze Topuz como Ceyda
  • Ozgur Ozberk como Enzo Fabri

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Kane declares his love for Sanam "Dream about yourself",
Kane declares his love for Sanam in “Dreaming With You”, also known as “Dreaming Bird” (Photo: Gold Movie).

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