May 28, 2023

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Drake Hartman | United States: The mother of a 12-year-old boy who committed suicide after being bullied at school shares his drama story | உட்டா | Instagram | Description | EC stories | The world

“My beautiful son was fighting a battle that even I could not save him. It’s real, it’s quiet, there’s nothing you can do as a parent to get rid of this deep pain. ” , On his Instagram account. This post is with a series of photos of her, Drake’s father and her older sisters accompanying the 12-year-old boy on his last days. The boy committed suicide, although experts insist that such a complex problem always occurs for a number of reasons, he said, adding that his parents were victims of bullying and tried to raise awareness about bullying in the classroom. Moving pictures quickly went around the world.

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“Everyone’s beloved 12-year-old boy thinks life is too hard and he has to get out of it?”, Asks the mother in another paragraph of the letter spread on social websites. Girl Describes his youngest son as a “shining boy”, “A Humorous Personality” and “Baby Blue Eyes Strike the World by a Storm.” In addition, he loved basketball and said he was always going to be with his father and sisters “The NBA’s shortest star.”

Drake lived with his family in Utah, USA; He dreamed of being the “shortest star in the NBA”.

“Now you will always be the protector of your older sisters. I do not know how to lead this life without you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, instead you spend the rest of your time with me.”, Added HartmanHe also sought to raise awareness of the impact of bullying on girls and boys: “My heart is broken, I do not know how to fix it, or I will do it occasionally, but I will teach you mercy every minute. My favorite friend.”

Prohibited issue

Maria Jismman, educational psychologist and founder Thinks that Drake’s story brings to the table a taboo subject: the suicide of women and children. This is a problem that psychiatrists have long been concerned about, and it worsens during the Covit 19 epidemics.

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Experts insist that Suicide is a multi-dimensional problem in which many factors interfere. In this sense, Zysman reflects: “In my experience, it is often assumed that a child’s suicide is possible, but they are growing dangerously. The reasons are many. Bullying, like others, can be an incentive to do something hidden”. He also points out: “You have to be careful when reporting these cases and think about the impact on the lives of these boys’ comrades.”

To the expert It is important that we, as women and children, think about how many times we as adults can give signs that we are suffering.. “The question we need to ask ourselves is what place do we give to the suffering of women and children, and how can we reduce it and help them process their painful situations in a sustainable way with them over time?” .

Educational psychologists generally consider bullying to be reduced to myths such as “It empowers children.” “It can not be too much of a reality. For a child, living with the message that his or her life is useless or meaningless has often led them to believe that it is not easy, especially in the case of highly vulnerable individuals. If adults do not intervene, do not listen to him, if he feels lonely, it is deep if misunderstood.”, Details Zysman. And he concludes: “Bullying is always a traumatic situation and the scores it leaves depend on the reaction of adults to what often happens.”


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