March 22, 2023

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The In Venezuela this Friday, 3.2 million sovereigns were running in Bolivar, in the midst of the culmination of a study against COVID-19 with the Caracas vaccine Abdala.

Initially, the exchange rate was quoted at 3,290,130.05 bolivars per dollar in the equivalent or informal market, according to site data. .

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The Venezuelan representative of the Cuban State Biopharmaceutical Corporation, Biogopharma, announced the results of the study on Thursday with 10,000 people in Caracas where Abdala was vaccinated.

The study, which began Sunday on a campus where the Ministry of Defense and several residential buildings are located, is part of an agreement between the Venezuelan Ministry of Health and Cuba’s Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGP). Assessments of possible adverse reactions from Abdallah, said Point Pedro Almanares.

In Venezuela, this vaccine is approved for use by the candidate“On behalf of health officials, Almanares is being used as an immunization center at a school inside the Fuerte Tuna campus on Thursday.

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On Thursday, as the vaccination process by Cuban health workers progressed rapidly and properly, dozens of people were able to wait for their turn, according to Reuters witnesses.

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