May 19, 2022

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The In Venezuela on Thursday, Nicolas Maduro reviewed detailed security measures with his country’s top military command.

The portal reported that the exchange rate was trading at 4,060,133.05 sovereign bolivars per dollar in Venezuela’s informal market. .

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According to the Efe organization, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday reviewed detailed security measures with his country’s military high command. “Paramilitary Committees”.

The state channel, VTV, reported that the leaders of the Armed Forces and Maduro’s components met and described “command lines”, “strategies” and, above all, tactics to deal with conflict situations.

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The State Channel recalled the July shooting in the western part of the Caracas, in the vicinity of its center Kota 905, which ended with more than 30 arrests and evaluated strategies to deal with “paramilitary mobs”. Meeting. The peace of the citizens and the intimidation of senior government officials.

Defense Minister Vladimir Patrino Lopez attended the meeting with the President; Domingo Antonio Hernandez Lares, commander of the Armed Forces Operational Strategy, heads of eight regional security zones and members of other military units.

Maduro held the meeting a day after celebrating the 84th anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNP), which was not attended by the acting president led by the defense minister and he celebrated from a distance.

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