May 21, 2022

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The In Venezuela it turned upside down on Monday, when Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arrosa promised that the government would not bow to the “pressure” of US presidential adviser Joe Biden.

The portal reported that the exchange rate was trading at 4’120,053.81 sovereign bolivars per dollar in Venezuela’s informal market. .

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According to the Efe organization, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arias said on Monday that he would not bow to “pressure” from advisers to the US president, Joe Biden. Or in relation to Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, but to protect “democratic values”.

When Juan Gonzalez, Latin American President of the White House National Security Council, visited Argentina last Friday, a delegation led by Biden’s National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan traveled.

“We believe that Argentina is a country that can talk to both governments, left and right, and can play a key role in safeguarding democratic values, especially in Nicaragua.”The officer said.

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Faced with this situation, Arresa promised that Venezuela would be a “free people” that would not succumb to any external pressure, and that “free and fair elections” would be held in the Caribbean. United States. “There are doubts.”

Biden’s advisers did not learn from Trump’s defeat in Venezuela. They do not understand that we are an independent people who are not subject to anyone’s “pressure”. I hope they learn the lesson at the right time. There are free and fair elections here, and the United States is skeptical. “Arresa wrote on Twitter.

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