May 28, 2023

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DolarToday: The dollar price on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 in Venezuela

Dollar price today, Wednesday, August 11, 2021, according to DolarToday, Reaching 4,150,522.91 bolivars in Venezuela. Bills Dollar Monitor They also share their exchange rate statements via Instagram and Twitter. The price of the US currency rose Compared to yesterday, August 10 Tuesday value, According to the DolarToday portal.

These are the equivalent dollar figures, while the Venezuelan central bank (PCV) controls the official values ​​of exchange rates in Venezuelan currency.

Dolartoday: The value of the dollar in Venezuela

Dollar price in Venezuela Bs. 4,150,522.91. DolarToday. You will know the conversion rate in different sizes in the following table:

5 USD Bs 20 752 614.55
10 USD Bs 41 505 229,10
$ 20 Bs 83 010 458,20
$ 50 Bs 207 526 145.50
$ 100 Bs 415 052 291,00
$ 500 Bs 2 075 261 455,00
$ 1000 Bs 4 150 522 910,00

Dollar Monitor: The dollar price in Venezuela

Monitor Dollar Web Account Today, August 11, 2021 Wednesday Dollar Price Bs. S. 4,058,735.53.

Keep track of the $ 11 dollar and the dollar today.

The equivalent dollar in Venezuela

Find out how the dollar price goes in Venezuela according to the free dollar map in Venezuela.

Keep track of the $ 11 dollar and the dollar today.

Keep track of Dollar Vzla today on Instagram

Below Dollar price in Venezuela Today is Wednesday August 11, 2021 via Instagram.

Keep track of the dollar and the dollar today, Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Dollar Monitor on Twitter today

Meet here Dollar price in Venezuela Via Twitter today.

Keep track of the dollar and the dollar today, Wednesday, August 11, 2021

How much is the bitcoin dollar in Venezuela today, according to Dolarto?

Today, Wednesday August 11, 2021, The Dollar Bitcoin In Venezuela, Per page Dolartoday Bs. 3,950,013.71.

How much was the dollar worth in Venezuela yesterday?

Keep track of the $ 10 dollar and Dolarte Day today.

How much is the dollar in Bolivar?

Keep track of the $ 11 dollar and the dollar today

Delicious dollar

The delicious dollar shows at $ 4,200,000.00 in Bolivar, at 9.17am (Venezuela time).

Dollar price in Venezuela today by BCV

This Wednesday, August 11, 2021, BCV claims that one dollar equals 4,117,054.64 bolivars.

Venezuela News

Two weeks ago, Guadeloupe Yobes, 48, of Venezuela, received her second vaccine. COVID-19. She went Vaccine It happened in Playa Miller, Jesus Maria, and presented his immigration card to prove his age.

“Vaccination is the best prevention, no matter the brand Vaccine To counter International spread, There is a new strain and the idea is to try to strengthen our immune system through vaccination.

In the country, between the first and second doses, more than 130,000 doses of the vaccine have been used by foreigners, and most have gone to Venezuelan citizens, according to health department figures. A total of 70,628 people received the first dose and 26,525 the second dose.

All immigrants on national soil have the right to be vaccinated, both under normal circumstances and in irregular conditions, the head of the Lima office recalled yesterday. Ombudsman’s OfficeAlberto Hurta.

Straight. Immigrants can be vaccinated at an age specified by the Ministry of Health. Photo: Broadcast

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