August 15, 2022

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DolarToday, Sunday Sunday 29 August: What is the value of the dollar in Venezuela | Venezuelan Bolivar Dollar Monitor Exchange Rate NTC | Economy

The dollar rose on Friday The death toll from COVID-19 has risen to 3,940 since the outbreak in the South American country, according to DolarToday after recent official reports from officials.

The dollar today showed a 0.08% increase in Venezuela’s informal market at 4’153,512.02 sovereign compared to 4’150,378.78 units at the end of Thursday. .

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In the past 24 hours, 16 more people have died from COVID-19 in Venezuela, bringing the total death toll to 3,940 since the outbreak, Communications Minister Freddie Cess said.

Four of the dead were from the states of Caracas and Miranda, which covers most of the capital’s metropolitan area, zez described in a government daily report released on his Twitter account.

The list is compiled by three from Barinas, two from Merida, two from Sucre, one from Tachira and one from Anjodegui.

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On the other hand, the minister said that in the last 24 hours, the authorities have detected 1,100 new infections, all of which are socially contagious.

After these 1,100 cases, Venezuela reached a total of 328,550 confirmed infections since the onset of the epidemic, although 314,367 patients have already recovered from COVID-19, which is 96% of the total.

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