January 24, 2022


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The This Thursday, December 2, Venezuela traded higher due to the appreciation of the local currency ; Meanwhile, the ruling party announced that it would introduce a new candidate to win the election in Hugo Chavez’s home state of Parinas.

The dollar hit 4.84 digital bolivars in the informal market in Venezuela yesterday, down 3.10% from the previous day, according to data from the DolarToday portal.

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According to the Efe Agency, President Nicolas Maduro announced on Thursday that the ruling Socialist Party of Venezuela’s United Socialist Party (PSUV) will introduce a new candidate in the election for governor, which will take place again in the state of Paris, the birthplace of Hugo Chavez. There his brother Argenis lost the regional elections last November – January 9th.

“We have a challenge on January 9 and we are going to introduce a new candidate to win the Paris elections as well. With a new candidate, with the support of the people of Paris, everyone is backing us.”Maduro said at the inauguration of La Guerrero Governor Jose Alejandro Teron.

This Tuesday, the National Electoral Council (CNE) formally called for a re-election in Paris on January 9, after the Supreme Court (TSJ) issued an order annulling the vote in the region on November 21.

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The Supreme Court’s election chamber made the decision after receiving constitutional protection action filed by Adolfo Superlano, considered an opposition opponent, accusing Freddie Superlano (because he had no relationship with him) of violating constitutional rights. Appeared to be disabled though.

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The announcement of a new candidate comes after the official candidate, Argentine Chavez, withdrew his candidacy for re-election at the agency this Tuesday.

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