May 28, 2023

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The Venezuela had the most trade this Friday , Amid a request from the Venezuelan spouse to justify retirees in the 2022 budget.

Initially, the dollar was 4.69 digital bolivars in the informal market in Venezuela, down 0.85% compared to the previous day’s 4.73, according to data from the portal. The dollar today.

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Opposition Deputy Leader of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) Jose Gregorio Korea on Thursday approved Venezuela’s budget for next year, which will exceed $ 13,457 million, including benefits for retirees in the Caribbean.

Retirees in the 2022 budget should have a special item for those who have dedicated their lives and years to the service of public administration.Korea said in a statement.

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Similarly, he stressed that the elderly should get a benefit that will help them “live with dignity”.

My call is that all public bodies be entitled to the assistance they are entitled to in accordance with their rights and legislation.He added.

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