September 26, 2022

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Dmitriy Muratov: Russian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate auctioning medal for Ukrainian refugees

Dmitriy Muratov: Russian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate auctioning medal for Ukrainian refugees

Editor Novaya Gazeta Dmitriy Muratov He had to sell his medal in front of “wounded and sick children” who needed “urgent treatment” after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to a statement Tuesday on the newspaper’s website.

Muratov shared the 2021 Nobel Prize with Filipino-American journalist Maria Ressa for what the judges called their “efforts to protect freedom of expression.”

Proceeds from the sale of the Nobel Medal will go to the Ukrainian Refugee Assistance Foundation, a non-governmental organization that provides support to refugees from Ukraine. In the statement, Muratov stressed the need for a ceasefire, the exchange of prisoners and the provision of humanitarian corridors.

More than 3.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine, according to the latest update from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Dmitriy Muratov during the award ceremony on December 10, 2021 in Oslo.

Muratov helped found Novaya Gazeta in 1993 and served as its editor-in-chief since 1995. The Nobel Committee said the newspaper has been highly critical of the Russian government since its creation, including reports on corruption and military activities in the country.

The Russian authorities have tightened their grip on the country independent media After the invasion of Ukraine. Earlier this month, lawmakers criminalized the publication of “false” information that would discredit the Russian armed forces or call for sanctions against the country.

The crackdown has forced some outlets to close shops and their journalists to leave the country.

In early March, Novaya Gazeta said she did. Deleted Articles About the war in Ukraine from its website due to government censorship.

—— Anna Cuban contributed to the report.