May 21, 2022

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Dixie, son of Argentine president, will have non-binary ID: “No reaction is going to stop us”

After the President Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, Attach the letter “X” to the National Identity Documents and sign an order Non-binary people, Your son, Daisy, Which announced the implementation of the new identity.

In a live broadcast on Instagram, DC, A drag queen, also celebrated the initiative. “Once the government approves the law, it will be normal. (…) These types of rights must first be recognized by the government. Beyond disappearing, people need to rebuild themselves. There are obvious evils: transphobic, homophobic, ”he argued.

From Wednesday, July 21, Argentina Allows Non-binary peopleThat is, they do not identify with the female or male gender and identify themselves with “X” in their National Identity Document (DNI) and passports, an attempt that is unprecedented in Latin America.

“We go a little bit by making what seems impossible possible, every day we are closer to the goal, which is when we are all ‘all’, no one cares about the gender of the people,” said the Argentine leader.

“We have consistently won rights. No reaction is going to stop us,” his son celebrated and asked for respect for his self-concept as a non-binary person, even denying the local media what he called his former name.

“I do not like it. I have never been identified with that name in my life. That is why I did not even say it. Please do not call me that,” Dixie said. The Argentine government made the move official in an order issued in the 23rd Official Gazette this Friday. Indicates access to DNI and passport Gender identity Autopercipidae.

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In this way, in the field of sex, not only does the woman choose the “M”, masculine, and “F” categories, You can select the “X” option, One of the people who attended the event – a form attended by political representatives and various social organizations – was openly against it. “We’re not an X,” he shouted.

Focus on the complaint, Alberto Fernandez He acknowledged that there were “certainly other ways” to name non-binary persons, but explained that “all” are included in the ‘X’, which is the naming convention adopted by Argentina in international conventions.

“One step we will take is to end the day when DNA does not ask anyone whether they are a man, a woman or whatever, because that is what we really need to achieve. What is important for the state to know the sexual orientation of its citizens?

People with the country of Argentina who wish to implement their DNA change and foreigners residing in the country and holding the Argentine document can also go to the relevant public offices and access this right.

During the ceremony held at the Casa Rosada Twentieth Anniversary Museum, it was remarkable Argentina It is the first country in Latin America to exercise this right, as in the rest of the world, such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

With information from EFE and Sputnik News.