October 1, 2022


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Denver Broncos stole Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks

Denver Broncos stole Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks

If you’re the kind of workaholic who now only wakes up to a bombshell in the Broncos Country, George Patton has replaced Russell Wilson. Seattle agreed to be dealt a future Hall of Famer in exchange for a group of eight players and a pick. For better or worse, the deal will have an important role in the legacy of the general manager’s second year in Denver. Personally, I think it would sound like a genius.


send baton Seahawks Three players as part of Wilson’s deal: quarterback Drew Luke, linebacker Shelby Harris, and tight end Noah Fant. Both had their orange and blue moments, but there’s also the distinct possibility that none were part of Patton’s long-term vision for the Broncos regardless of Wilson’s trade.

At no time during Patton’s first year did he seem as smitten with Lock as John Elway was. The Broncos were reportedly interested in Matthew Stafford, Deshaun Watson, Andy Dalton, Sam Darnold Before Button deliberates on the sixth-round pick with Carolina Panthers For Teddy Bridgewater on the eve of Project 2021. The former Vikings lifted the incumbent’s lock-down to start work during pre-season and remained a regular fixture until he suffered a concussion at the end of the season against Cincinnati Bengals. While many fans and radio hosts sparked intrigues about Vic Fangio’s coaching staff exiting Luke, Patton is the one who eventually traded with Bridgewater. GM also left the door open for Bridgewater to return before the Wilson trade.

A fan favorite since his first orange and blue game, Shelby Harris signed a 3-year, $27 million extension to keep the Broncos in their last off season. It was a smart deal on Patton’s part. According to Harris, $4 million during the 2021 season, which helped the Broncos oscillate under the smaller cap roof. The 30-year-old went on to have his worst season in Denver and was set to count for nearly $13 million against the cap in 2022. The contract was structured so that Harris’s 2023 hat-trick was at the same stadium, but only the Broncos Eat 4 million dollars to cut it. Truth be told, long before the Wilson deal, Harris looked like a potential victim if he failed to impress this year’s new coaching staff.

Of the three players Denver has given up on Wilson, Fant is perhaps the biggest loss when the long-term repercussions are taken into account. The 2019 first round pick is an elite athlete for the position and put up respectable numbers with Joe Flacco, Brandon Allen, Drew Locke, Jeff Driskill, Brett Rippian, Kendall Hinton, and Teddy Bridgewater throwing in his passes. Given the fact that tight ends have been notoriously slow to develop throughout NFL history, a fourth-year break in attack Nathaniel Hackett seems reasonable.

Admittedly, there have been questions about Noah Fant’s future with the Broncos since Patton told reporters they hadn’t decided on the option for his fifth year in the NFL. The news surprised me because Fant’s cover number on the option wasn’t annoying, and there was a real case to be proven that it was misused by Rich Scangarello and Pat Shurmur. At the same time, the similarities between Hackett’s attack and Skangarilo suggested that Albert Okoigpunam would naturally be more suited to the new scheme with his power of play and ability as a blocker.


Button sent the Seahawks five picks as part of Wilson’s deal: the 49th and final 151st pick in the 2022 draft along with the first and second round picks in the 2023 draft. There’s certainly plenty of venture capital, But there have been 107 back players drafted since Wilson in 2011 However, the 33-year-old remains one of the top 10 players in football.

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The 2022 QB class is one of the weakest in a decade, so there’s a good chance the Broncos will have a player ahead of anyone who could have drafted him this year. The 2023 crop looks stronger, but it looks like prospects like Bryce Young and CJ Stroud are currently in the top five picks. Unless Patton and Hackett are willing to bet their first year together, it will likely take a commercial package similar to Wilson’s deal for a chance to forge a true QB franchise. Prospect.


In exchange for the above players and selections, the Broncos get nine times Pro Bowl Quarterback who never received a single vote for best player and was the 114th selection in the ’22 draft. Wilson is 33 years old and is said to hope to play until he is 45. Last year marked the first time he missed an NFL game due to an injury in his career, and it was a strange finger injury.

Looking ahead, there are certainly some risks involved as Wilson’s playing style casts some doubt on how his game will progress. for him Struggles against two big covers raise questions about how he performed against Brandon Staley, Patrick Graham and Steve Spagnolo in the Broncos’ matches against the rest of West Asia..

last thoughts

I want to take a quick trip down my hypothetical. let’s say Button turned down asking price in Seattle: The Broncos will have the 49th pick in the 2022 draft and arguably the worst quarterback room in the NFL.

I’ve been very vocal about the way I see the 2022 QB class since last year: it’s horrible. The weakest crop since I started writing for the Mile High Report and probably the worst group I’ve looked at since 2013. Button chose to move stronger prospects in 2021, so he may not have liked most of this year’s crop enough to make it into the top ten, but the sheer number of teams desperate to get one The fairways mean there’s no guarantee that any good guy will leave him as the Broncos’ second-choice at 40. If they’re planning on relying on a rookie lifeguard in 2022, they’ll have to jump for it if he’s even available.

At this point, the presumed QB1 Malik Willis draft of the draft looks like a lock for the top eight yet strong big bowl and combine. The Broncos could have found themselves in a situation where they needed to trade or settle in Kenny Beckett, Desmond Ryder, Sam Hoyle, Carson Strong or Matt Corral. Realistically, the Broncos should have known that they found themselves in a situation where they needed to secure a seasoned passer or settle on Drew Luke as their starting quarterback in 2022. I looked at Aaron Rodgers’ replacements a few weeks ago and it’s a bleak market, too bad So much so that Washington’s leaders just traded multiple picks on Day Two to take on Carson Wentz and hit his $28294,119 cap for 2022.

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Given the rest of the QB marketplace and the competition for its services, I’m still amazed at Russell Wilson’s trade. The quarterback used his no-trade clause to secure his landing with the Broncos, and after six long years, Denver was finally awarded the QB franchise again. No matter how it works, it’s relevant again. This is worth the cost to me.


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