May 28, 2023

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Demonstrations in Cuba: Influential Tina Stars Arrested Interview While Giving Interview | Video | Telemundo | The world

He got nervous and started listening when the video call was muted. “Dina, do you want to say something?” Asked the driver from Spain. “There is no state security,” he replied Influence Cuba Tina Stars, from , While pointing to the door of his house.

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Arrests of activists and journalists on the island increased after a historic demonstration on Sunday, amid a more tense situation Tina stars, Dissatisfaction of the Miguel Theos-Colonel regime, live on the show Everything is a lie, Channel Quattro in Spain. Yottuval, the author of the song “Homeland and Life”, also took part in the broadcast, which became the anthem of the protests.

After those words, Tina stars He stepped out of the scene, grabbed another young woman by the computer and led her into a room, and was seen nervously. “We can’t register right now,” he said.

The driver, Marta Blink, asked if he could bring the camera closer to the room door, trying to capture Dina’s conversation with the forces waiting outside the house, but could not hear the content.

Shortly afterwards, the young YouTuber sat back in front of the camera and sent a terrifying message: “I hold the government accountable for anything that happens to me. They force me to go with them.”

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“Are they going to stop you?”Asked the driver. Before being disconnected from the video call, “I don’t know, they told me to come” were the last words.

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Shortly before the interview, the young woman tweeted: “People from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called me on the phone [Ministerio del Interior] When they called me to ‘meet’ I told them I was not there and they said they were going to give me a legal summons. As soon as the summons reached me, I kept my head high and I had nothing to hide. Will inform you “.

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Meanwhile, after this live broadcast, he wrote in all the capital letters: “I am not going to be in Capitol Hill at 2PM, I am not calling for a demonstration. Not for violence. ” The news created suspicion and suspicion among his followers — especially as he called for today’s demonstrations — and asked for some evidence of his current situation.

This morning, the famous Cuban activist and journalist Vaginal Sanchez “Homes of independent activists and journalists,” he denounced on Twitter [están] Under police action ”. “Many reporters are unaccounted for and others are in police stations. The press aims to prevent them from reporting what is happening, but we will continue. #SOSCuba # 11JCuba #CorredorHumanitario”, he wrote on Twitter, “Despite the internet siege prevailing on the island, mobile connectivity is important these days.”

Yesterday, in addition, the correspondent of the Spanish newspaper ABC, Camila Acosta, arrested After covering massive demonstrations on the Caribbean island. This information was reported by the Spanish media, where it was pointed out that the journalist was “detained when he left his home to perform a personal procedure”.

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