May 19, 2022

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Debanhi Escobar: “I was out of control”, friends say about the last night of the 18-year-old girl who died | New Lyon | Mexico | The world

Sarah and Ivon are friends They vowed in an interview that the young woman had become so violent and aggressive during a party in Nuevo Lyon, Mexico, on April 8 that she did not want anyone’s help and asked to be alone.

In the interview Televisa MontereySarahi said he had been a friend of Debenhi for four months and they had been going to parties since March. Ivon said he worked with Sarah and met with Debenhi that night.

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Sarahi highlights on Friday, April 8th Tebanhi He contacted her to let her know he wanted to go out to a party, and called Ivon, who he worked with.

They both arrived at Tepanhi’s house at 10:47 pm They went out to the first party, where they were about an hour and 40 minutes.

“She was taking it Suddenly he said ‘I’m bored of this party, we’re leaving’, I’m right, if you like “, then They ask the application taxi to go to another partyIt was already over, and then they went to the Quinta de la PGR in the municipality Escopedo.

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They say there were those who wanted to pick up at 4 p.m. Tebanhi Because it was taken and they did not allow it, those people left.

“Debenhi has become nonsense”

According to your version, Debenhi became insane and locked herself in the men’s room.

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“She’s stupid, we’re leaving her alone, she’s not worried, her parents’ lawyers, she gave us money if we left her. After that she wants to run to the pool alone and jump. She started, and I retreated, and she began to run around the pool.

Another guy wanted to calm her down And she insisted that they leave her alone and leave at five.

Said Tebanhi She beat and bit the young man who wanted to calm her down.

“She is OK. We do not know what to do. We were in despair because she had never been like that and we never saw her like that, ”said Sarah. They then spoke again to the driver who picked them up.

Tebanhi Escobar.

“I was out of control”

According to your version, Debenhi told her to leave him aloneTo be idle, he ran to the taxi and came in and slammed the door.

“Because I already lost control, We thought it would be convenient for her to leave if she did not want us to help her. He hit us several times, Took us. Maybe if he wants to leave, it’s best to let him go, ”Sarah explained, adding that they hoped he would return home safely.

He insisted on referring to the father Tebanhi Early in the morning, but he only returned the call at 8 p.m.

The taxi driver who took Debenhi promises not to touch her

Juan David Kuller The driver who picked it up Tebanhi Escobar On the morning of April 9th ​​and he took the last photo he saw alive, the young woman promised to get out of the taxi of her own free will.

In Interview with INFO7 News BroadcastThe man said he received a WhatsApp message from friends in Debenhi at around 4am on April 9th. But the women only went as far as Debenhi And departed in another vehicle with several others.

“Debenhi tells me to go ahead while my friends are talking to me and tell me to wait for me at the moment I start my journey … (they) pass by in another car”, “he said. Louis Badua described in an interview with a journalist.

Thus said the driver Tebanhi He told her they were bad friends because the other women left her.

Debenhi went to the front seat to charge his cell phone

He pointed out Debenhi did not give his home addressSo he sent a message to his friends asking for the address, but they did not give either.

Juan David Kuller The young woman explained that she had asked the cable to charge her cell phone Moved to the front seat.

According to his version, the young woman asked him to take her to another party and then insisted on getting out of the car.

“Before I reach Loreto Highway, I’m going where I’m going, I’m going to stop, I’m going to take pictures, I’m tell her friend she’s got off,” Driver said.